Friday, December 16, 2005

Coming Soon: A Look at the Emergent Church Movement

The controversy is raging. Many have commented and so have I on other sites such as Emergent NO. But I have yet to post something here besides my earlier thing on "What is Truth" and postmodernism. Stay tuned. I hope to aggravate as many people as possible (in Christian love, of course!)


crownring said...

I'll be looking forward to it, Sola! :)

SolaMeanie said...

Just wait till the fur flies! Some of them don't handle criticism very well.

Chip said...

I did some blogging of my own about the EC recently. One of the comments I received from an emerger was very complimentary on being fair and so on. He encouraged me to continue commenting because my voice was an "important contribution to the conversation."

In this way he tried to draw me into the movement. By implying I was a part of the "conversation" (their buzzword for their movement) he tried to make me a part, at least in the mind of readers (and perhaps his own mind).

They are a shifty bunch and Rob Bell is a master of the tactic.

SolaMeanie said...

Yes, Chip..I have had exchanges like that myself. The more I study into this, I am amazed at how pervasive it has gotten in heretofore solid evangelical churches. In fact, I just received a new book in the mail called "The Great Giveaway" by a man named David E. Fitch. I looked on the back and see that it is endorsed by none other than Brian McLaren. The headline in the back is in red, and it reads - "Toward a Postmodern Evangelical Ecclesiology."

No thanks. My ecclesiology is just fine, no postmodernism needed. We are supposed to understand and confront the culture, not adapt to it or let it assimilate us like the Borg. When I finally do write my piece on this, I am going to try to come at it as comprehensively as possible, hitting the main roots of the problems inherent in some EC theology.