Thursday, December 22, 2005

Seventh Sola Takes a Christmas Break

I will not be posting for the next few days unless something really earthshaking happens. But the fun begins anew next week! Have a most blessed Christmas and Hanukkah, everyone!


Cindy said...

Joel...lovely picture! Where was that taken?!

SolaMeanie said...

Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. It's gorgeous during the fall. Glad you liked it.


Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Joel, what have you done to that tree? Don't worry, I know you are not an Orc, just teasing. To continue: Don't you know I'm not breathing as well now and the cure for my future ailment was in one of the forever lost bugs in one of those branches! Shame on you, sitting on it like that! LOL.

OK, I agree with Cindy. Nice pic.

SolaMeanie said...


I genuinely didn't know you had anything in common with insects or pantheists. I am glad that you have such things in common with the concept of eternality and sovereignty that you could recognize a future respiratory ailment at my nefarious doing.

Just for that, I demand that you play a song on guitar in five flats. (keyboardists are notorious for their detestation of sharps)

Enjoy and God bless!