Saturday, December 17, 2005

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime!

A dear friend of mine has often speculated if Paul McCartney's happy little Christmas ditty above was a purposeful counter to John Lennon's rather cynical (and even whiny) "Happy Christmas/War Is Over." Paul was always seen as the sentimental, most "normal" of all the Beatles, and John was known to look askance at some of Paul's sweeter tunes. John was the Bah Humbug while Paul tried to see the joy and love of the season. I wish John could have known the Lord, healing, and the true happiness that only comes from knowing Christ, the reason that we even have a Christmas to celebrate. And that brings me to my pet peeve of the week - the war on America's Christian heritage.

I am in fully in the corner of those who have had enough of secularists and Michael Newdow type atheists who want to censor and oppress the vast majority because of their bigotry and intolerance. Yet, I also find the atheist/secularist litigators laughable in an eternal sense. As if their frivilous lawsuits could hinder the Great I AM from accomplishing His purpose! What a hoot!

At this season of holiday cheer, let me have some fun. To borrow from the late Mr. Lennon, let's "imagine." What if Christians filed class action lawsuits against American Atheists, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU and their ilk for trying to deny our rights? Or for harassment. What if we litigated them into bankruptcy much like they're trying to do to us? What if there was an economic consequence for every lawsuit they file? In other words, what if Christians got mad and began to play hardball? We are citizens with rights, too. The tiny minority should not dictate to the rest of us. Tolerance is a two way street.

If I have to tolerate an vengeful incubus like Michael Newdow and his perverted, irrational view of American history, then he can tolerate my faith and the public expression of it. A creche at City Hall or the public library is NOT establishment of a national church such as the Church of England. Someone holding to such a view is either ignorant, or they might have more pernicious things in mind. One does have to wonder.

It seems to me that many of these people do not like our Republic as it was founded, so they want to change this country to something altogether alien to our founding fathers' vision. Would they prefer the bloody French Revolution, with their hearts palpitating every time they hear the swish of a guillotine? Do they long for the loving kind of rule Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung perfected to a murderous art form? It seems that the far left never met a dictator they didn't like. Their constant incontinence over Christians beginning a theocracy is delusional and in serious need of electroshock therapy, followed by a full course of thorazine treatment. The very nerves of these people hum with hate. I could see many of them willingly working for Joseph Goebbels to spread his type of malicious, lying propaganda. Really, my tongue-in-cheek medical/psychiatric diagnosis of them has a better solution. They need to repent and trust in Christ as their Savior.

Quite frankly, I am tired of these malcontent chancres on the American body politic. I am willing to let them vent and spew (freedom of speech and freedom not to believe), but when they file a lawsuit to try to take MY freedom away, I will fight them tooth and nail - possibly even with a bit of relish. When I think of these perpetual litigators and their so-called deep angst over protecting "rights," I get nauseated. To the sane mind, it's a bit difficult to protect rights by taking them away. But who expects rationality from these harlequins?

Think of the great theatre we'd have if there were round the clock pickets and carol singing at Newdow's house? Just imagine if we began seeing large scale refusals to comply with the secularists. Imagine local school districts, parents and students across the country telling the courts to go pound sand. I believe President Andrew Jackson did that once, although I don't like the position he took on the particular issue at hand. (If you don't know what I am talking about, look it up) What if governors, mayors, county board chairmen, legislators, Congressmen and Senators got into the act and gave Christmas its historic place whether the ACLU or the Federal Ninth Circuit likes it or not. Perhaps we could take these judges' houses through eminent domain and turn them into tourist attractions centered on Christmas and Easter? After all, that is a great economic benefit to the community. How about if we had more men like Justice Roy Moore, who had the unmitigated gall to actually know American history and what the founders intended through the Constitution? I would like to see anti-Constitutional, Marxist fellow-traveler judges impeached and removed from the bench because they pervert the Constitution from its intended meaning.

A tall order on short notice and I doubt seriously it will happen, but it would be fun to watch. It might also send a clear signal that we aren't going to allow our country to be stolen any longer. If I am in Saudi Arabia, I must respect their traditions and laws. If a Saudi is here, he needs to respect ours. And when immigrants come here, they need to understand. They are free to believe as they wish. No one is forcing them. But they have no right to sue to demand that traditional American belief be shut down. We'll tolerate you if you tolerate us. Everyone is free. Governments are made up of people also. They are free to express their beliefs. And again, a school putting on the Christmas story is NOT ESTABLISHING A NATIONAL CHURCH. PERIOD. GET OVER IT.

(Edited below 12/20/05)

I should point out..I know what Jesus said about not returning evil for evil. My tongue-in-cheek daydreaming aside, I have no real wish to be ugly or malicious, even to radical activist atheists. While I really wouldn't push so far as conjectured above, I do believe that Christians should be more aggressive in defending their rights. In Bible times, the people lived under dictatorship or absolute monarchy. In our Republic, We the People have rights. If we don't exercise them, we'll lose them.

In closing, a very blessed Christmas, Hanukkah etc. to all. And for the atheist/secularist litigators out there, I guess you all don't have anything better to do than go tie one on. Maybe in your collective hangovers and hissyfits, perhaps you will receive a preternatural visitor that you don't expect. I'd wear some Attends before bedtime. You might need them.


crownring said...

Ouch, Sola! This column reminds me of your once privately expressed desire to shove a steptic pencil up the nether regions of a certain annoying cyber-acquaintance of ours. ;) I won't mention his "name", 'less he do an internet search and find your blog.

BTW, the ACLU has been losing a lot of their anti-Christian cases lately, something we definitely should be cheering. But I am unsure about the massive legal assault against the ACLU that you propose. I believe that unless we Christians proceed under the direct mandate of The Holy Spirit, such legal proceedings will surely backfire in our faces and we may well end up losing more ground than we take back. That's not to say your idea is invalid, but it will no doubt give more ammunition to those who contend we want to re-create the U.S.A. as a Christian theocracy and will likely bring about more counter-suits. It's a fine line between standing up for the truth and going off half-cocked......and it's the latter I fear. :(

SolaMeanie said...

Some of what I wrote there was tongue-in-cheek. But I think there is some merit to litigating in a very specified, targeted way. The Scientologists and the Local Church cult do it to bankrupt their opponents. Even if they eventually lose the suit, they still force their opponents to spend needed resources. The Local Church is currently suing John Ankerberg and Harvest House Publishers over a book, but HH isn't lying down. They're fighting back both barrels. If you did something like this, you'd need to find attorneys willing to litigate pro bono, and try to select regions of the country with conservative judges. It's an interesting concept..don't know if it would work, but it might be worth trying.