Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another pastoral scene? Uhoh...that must mean another rant!

Yes, I must set the stage for another infamous Solameanie rant...while inspired by the EC controversy, it also applies to other situations. This one deals with the improper use of Matthew 18 to settle disputes between Christians. Listen closely (as if typed words were audible)...this passage does not apply to false teachers or false teachings publically disseminated. Matthew 18 only applies to personal sins between people and related disputes. Many have tried to use this passage of Scripture as a bludgeon to ward off correction. I've seen speakers, preachers, pastors, teachers (and even bloggers) do it.

Don't fall for it and don't let yourself be silenced. When people publish books, preach to hundreds or thousands, write magazine articles..you name it...and their teachings are unbiblical, they must be corrected publically. Note the Apostle Paul's dressing down of the Apostle Peter as recorded in Acts. Also note Paul's naming of Hymenaeus and Alexander. None of this was done behind closed doors. Think about it.


crownring said...

I'm with you, Sola. I just wish more Christians "got it". Matthew 18 is about dealing with a situation without unnecessarily embarrassing someone. Jesus also admonished his folowers to settle their accounts with those with whom they had a grievance BEFORE it ended up before a judge. However should a case insue of someone willfully and publicly espousing false doctrine in public and they refuse to be corrected, the matter has to be dealt with publicly.

Vicki Sullivan said...

....as a gentile convert I'm daily confronted with my lack of comprehension of the words of Christ. May God have mercy on gentile teachers of scripture.

SolaMeanie said...

As teachers, we incur a stricter judgment according to the Bible. If we are true Christians and have the Holy Spirit indwelling us, we should have no problem comprehending Scripture. The Lord promised His children that He would guide them into all truth, and that truth is contained in His Word. He also promised to give wisdom to those who ask Him.

If we have problems comprehending Scripture, then it's a good idea to prayerfully determine why that is. Not to say that some passages are easy..there are indeed some things in Scripture that involve some wrestling. But the important things are so simple that even a child can understand.