Thursday, January 12, 2006

A brief statement on the Alito Hearings...

Funny I would post this juxtaposed to this beautiful shot of Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas. However, I need a pastoral scene such as this to bring my blood pressure down.

I am appalled at the way Samuel Alito is being treated by the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is beyond questioning a candidate about judicial philosophy. This is more geared toward personal destruction, insults, grandstanding, bloviating, pompousness, biliousness and a host of other adjectives. And I haven't even said what I think of Ted Kennedy yet.

We are paying these guys' salaries. They are our employees, not kings. Their revolting, unconscionable behavior will ensure that no qualified candidate for the Supreme Court, Cabinet or any other post will want to put themselves or their families through what I think is tantamount to gang rape. This is truly a sad day in the history of our Republic.


the obviously pseudonymous "lee n. field" said...

(We'll make an anarchist of you yet. :-) )

Re the pic: Is that the neck of the woods where you're from?

SolaMeanie said..., you'll never make me an anarchist. God is a God of order, not confusion or chaos. (Yes, I know you're kidding)

My family is originally from Arkansas and I go back there quite often. I envision a quiet retirement in the Ozarks, but then reality whacks me one and I realize I won't be able to retire. Can't afford it!

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

What?! You don't think Teddy K. and Patrick L. and Joe B. will make sure you have a wonderful retirement?! Come on! Trust big God-verment.

SolaMeanie said...

Retire? As Supertramp once sang, "I can't afford the pen to sign the check!