Monday, January 09, 2006

A Sidebar on Moynagh

In my last post, I mentioned that I am reading Moynagh's book "emergentchurch.intro." I hate to say that I am very unsettled from the outset.

In planning this series of analytical articles on the EC, I have always wanted to try and be as balanced as possible, and not "knee-jerk" the way so many do when issues such as these are confronted. I have read enough of the back and forth on many blogsites to see the old Crosby Stills and Nash lyric realized.."When everyone's talking and no one is listening. How can we decide?"

I am sorry to say, though, that in reading Moynagh, I can truly see why so many concerns have been raised about the EC and their theology. My heart truly sank..and I'm not even done with the book yet. Now, it will be stated, I am sure, that Moynagh is EC-Europe or UK..and that does not reflect the American EC. Okay..except that Brian McLaren is mentioned prominently in Moynagh's book, Steve Chalke (another UK emergent) is endorsing it, and McLaren endorses Steve Chalke and vice versa. You can see a pattern beginning here.

What are my specific objections? I will finish the book before highlighting them..and have this particular series to finish on the EC as I have thus far encountered it. Afterward, I'll have more to say. But it isn't good. Sigh.


crownring said...

What is concerning to me about the E.C. movement, Sola, is how long they were able to stay below our radar for so long.......long enough for people like you and me to be caught by surprise at how pervasive it is in America and even abroad. I believe we are truly seeing the rising of a world super church, Sola, as was prophesied by David Wilkerson back in the 70s, a church that is esteemed by the world for its seeming good works with the poor, but is completely rotten to the core. If this is so, it's time to pray hard and listen as closely to the Holy Spirit as we can........or we shall find ourselves betrayed and sold out by those we've considered our own. But God will have an answer for rise of the super church, the supernatural church which will have Godly power like that this world has not seen since the days of Creation. So we fight the good fight, run the good race, and hold on to the assurance that our redemption grows nigh.

Rob said...


I would say that's pretty paranoid, also you're giving too much credit for a movement that's really fledgling along. I generally support the aims of the EC and don't like the 'rotten to the core' phrase. I could say the same about most evangelical churches I walk in to.

I would say there's some good and some bad. From your perspective (and it's one I understand) you're probably uncomfortable with the demphasis of absolute truth as it relates to scripture. But understand, conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Christians have ignored the poor for 50+ years now. It's the EC who's been the reminder over the past 5. (Not that one supercedes the other, but both are most likely bad).



SolaMeanie said...


I keep seeing this charge made on evangelicals about their supposed lack of concern for the poor. I would like to know what you base this on..I have not experienced this attitude in my evangelical circles going back years. Most churches I know of have quite a benevolence ministry, the local Rescue Mission is run by evangelicals etc. Other ministries such as Samaritan's Purse etc. do a LOT of work with the poor. This seems to me to be a strawman.

BTW..crownring is not the paranoid type. Far from it.

crownring said...

Thank you for your support, Sola.

Rob, I am anything but paranoid and I have been aware of disturbing trends for years, but have not put the pieces together until recently. Do you think it's OK for churches to welcome the "Sophia movement" into the church? That's been happening for over a decade now and it is essentially goddess worship. When Sue Kidd Monk claims she's moved beyond Christianity, what does that mean to you? Me paranoid? No, I'm a watcher. Anything that distracts believers from the Cross of Christ is to be watched. I've had Hindu acquaintances in the past who claim all religions are valid, but it stands to reason that if all religions are essentially the same, then none of them are valid. There are still people who worship Marduk, Rob, the same god the Hebrews sacrificed their children to by throwing them alive into fire before the first Exile into Babylon. Do you believe child sacrifice is a valid form of worship, Rob?

May the day Christianity became just another religion be cursed.

SolaMeanie said...

Good comments, crownring. You illustrate a profound truth in that no one seems to remember the biblical or historical quotient in all of this. The biblical examples about false gods, false teaching, false theology etc. are numerous and plain enough you'd think it would be beyond challenge. But to the POMO, nothing is beyond challenge. It's almost willful ignorance. I am not necessarily accusing Rob of that, btw. Just making the comment in general.

I think that is why there is such an attack on biblical inerrancy and authority in the EC extremes. They HAVE to undermine the Bible to get by with what they want to introduce into Christian worship etc.