Monday, February 20, 2006

ABBA Forever!

Time for a lighthearted post after all the heavy theology. I was listening to my ABBA Gold Greatest Hits CD on the way to the office this morning. As a musician, I really don't think one could get any better at perfect, formulaic pop. Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid nail it with nearly every song. You wouldn't believe some of the well known rock musicians out there who are closet ABBA fans. The reason? Well crafted music, sharp hooks, sturdy bridge, soaring harmonies. Nobody did it better!


Cindy said...

Joel, I bet you'd love "Mamma Mia"'s a Broadway musical based completely on ABBA songs. Loved it!

SolaMeanie said...

Hi, Cindy..

I've heard a lot about Mamma Mia. I am actually clamoring for an ABBA reunion. Frida wants to do it (but not tour), but the guys are resisting. Bjorn said the fans would be dissappointed because they don't look the same. Actually, I've seen recent photos. Bjorn and Benny have gone to seed a bit, but the girls still look wonderful!

crownring said...

Ah, vanity, thy name is man! Tell those ABBA guys to get over themselves and sing it out!

BTW, Eric Clapton is looking old these days and he's slowing down a bit, but he can still lay down one mean riff!

SolaMeanie said...

Actually, did you see the Cream reunion? Clapton and Jack Bruce looked a lot better than Ginger Baker. He looked very geriatric. But he can still drum well, and that's all that matters.

crownring said...

I haven't seen the concert yet, Sola, but we have it on DVD. Mr. Crownring says Ginger Baker may look old, but Jack Bruce was actually in far worse shape physically....the reason they had the chair out on the stage for him. Rumors are Clapton actually did the concert as a favor to Bruce who needed money to cover his medical bills, thanks to a very serious heart ailment. For all their fame, neither Baker nor Bruce are wealthy people.

BTW, there's no denying that ABBA were the absolute best at what they did. The music may have been a bit formula, but their vocals were beyond fabulous.