Friday, February 10, 2006

The Cartoon Contretemps

By now, most people are probably aware of the tempest in the Islamic world over the cartoons published initially by a Danish newspaper depicting Mohammed wearing a bomb in his turban. The riots have followed the usual predictable course, and much has been said by the talking heads.

While Solameanie doesn't advocate needlessly offending people, there are some observations to be made here. It is obvious this is being ginned up (or should I say djinned up) for political reasons by radical Islamic governments and activists. Never mind that Islamic papers have printed grossly insulting cartoons about Christians and Jews for years. Iranian president Ahmadinijad's recent remarks about Israel and the holocaust are beyond obscene. But this crowd has never been known for its willingness to acknowledge hypocrisy.

Did these people having a jolly old time rioting, burning, throwing rocks, kidnapping, murdering etc. ever stop to think that the reason the prophet they claim to revere was depicted in this fashion is BECAUSE of this kind of behavior? You know, people in civilized parts of the world get tired of airplane hijackings, nightclub, hotel and restaurant explosions, suicide/homicide bombers, children being hacked to death, beheadings of helpless captives by masked men etc. I could go on ad infinitum/ad nauseum. Far from driving people to their knees, it's actually beginning to really torque people off.

And for the clerics and adherents who keep insisting these people are a minority within Islam? If that's the case, then get control of your minority by whatever means necessary, including speaking out against them loudly and forcefully. Issue a fatwa on this kind of behavior and then punish those who violate it. Severely! The Muslim community around the world should think long and hard about this. The behavior of the radicals is beyond evil. It's demonic. Sooner or later, countries who are the recipients of such attacks are going to begin getting a gutful of it and it won't be pretty. Remember Charles Martel and Tours. It can happen again.

In the meantime, the Bible says that the state does not bear the sword for nothing. As long as protests are peaceful, lawful and orderly, fine. But the moment the violence starts, these demonstrations need to be put down with brute force. The cost of engaging in this beastial behavior must be made so high that it's not worth it. It needs to be demonstrated by Western governments that this out of control behavior will not be tolerated for an instant. If that means police need to go crack skulls with batons, so be it. We WILL have order.

They should think about this one, too. Sacking an embassy is an act of war. An embassy is sovereign territory of the country owning the embassy.

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