Friday, February 17, 2006

The Cheney Tempest

This won't be the longest post on the Seventh Sola, but it might perhaps be my most "to the point."

I have long had a growing dislike for politics and the increasing nastiness of it. Yes, I realize that politics has always been a rough and tumble game, but in the past few years its gotten beyond disgusting. While both parties are certainly capable of dirty tricks, I think the behavior of the left of late is unconscionable. They will do anything and say anything to bolster their chances of gaining power. Never mind offering up alternatives of what you'd do to fix things. God forbid they'd think of something that simple. Instead, they prefer throwing the most scurrilous attacks of a personal nature. They've made the politics of personal destruction an art form.

If I had been Dick Cheney, I wouldn't have even done the Brit Hume interview. The scene of the White House press corp soaking their shirt fronts with spittle was enough to last me for a lifetime..and I am a former "media." Cheney should have just said "none of your business." I could say much more, but you get the idea. A tempest in a teapot and much ado about nothing. I wonder what they'd say if the vice president walked into the press room with a shotgun to illustrate what happened. Hmmm. Sounds like a potential late night skit by Jay Leno or David Letterman!


Rob said...

Would you be saying the same thing if Al Gore shot someone?

SolaMeanie said...


You really should give up the "nyah-nyah" attitude. Such a question is insulting.

I doubt if I'd have to be concerned with Al Gore shooting off anything except his mouth.

crownring said...

Bob, do you do anything online except attempt to spread contempt for others with your "hit and run" sarcasm? Do you really feel the cause of Christ is served by this? If all you're really looking for is a site to vent your rage against the world and the church, I can suggest more suitable places to ***** than Sola's blog.

crownring said...

While I agree with you in principle, Sola, about Cheney/The White House not having to make a public statement about the accidental shooting, I have to say I think now a short statement made in a timely fashion would have prevented some of the "frothing at the mouth" we saw from the press this past week and the need for so much damage control. The press seems to operate on the idea that they/we deserve to know whenever the president/vice-president has a Maalox moment and they've sold much of America on that idea. Gone are the "days of Camelot" when the press knew everything the president was up to behind closed doors and yet allowed him to keep some semblence of privacy. I don't like what happened to Cheney, but this is.....sigh..... the new reality.

crownring said...

BTW, Rob, I'd say Al Gore shot himself in the foot and America in the back with the insufferable comments he made in Saudi Arabia last week. There used to be a protocol about former presidents and vice-presidents not making nasty comments about a seated president. How unfortunate that no longer seems to be the case!

SolaMeanie said...

Crownring,'re probably right about that. Although in the current climate (which you describe accurately), I doubt it would have satisfied them. If he had come out and commented, he'd get lambasted because he spoke too prematurely!

Regarding Gore, I have to wonder if the elevator goes all the way to the top with him any longer. He can't possibly think comments such as his will help him politically. They'll get him applause at the UN, perhaps.

I especially thought it hysterical when Kennedy was harrumphing about Cheney not making an immediate statement. Funny, I seem to remember extreme reluctance on Kennedy's part to make statements for a significant period after he drove Mary Jo Kopechne off the Chappaquiddick bridge.

Vicki Sullivan said...