Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Praying on Cue?

In the March 11, 2006, edition of World Magazine, check out the article "Born Again," which purports to document the efforts of the Democratic Party to win back the votes of Southern Evangelicals and Northern Catholics. One of the photos made me a bit uncomfortable (Solameanie says with typical Celtic understatement). There is a photo of U.S. Senator, former First Lady and potential presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton standing praying (with hands clasped) at the Western Wall in Israel. Nothing out of the ordinary there for pilgrims to Israel. However, this photo is striking because of the wall (no pun intended) of photographers busily snapping Hillary's picture as she implored Heaven to do who knows what. All they needed to do was airbrush in a halo and the tableau would have been complete.

While one expects to have a relatively high profile person get photographed, I would think that even dim-bulb PR hacks would realize that such a photo would come across as horribly self-serving and cynical. Why not arrange a time to go to the Wailing Wall in private for what ought to be an intimate moment between an individual and their Maker? It is possible to avoid the media. I know...I was one of them at one time.

I suppose we should give Hillary the benefit of the doubt. Or should we?

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