Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Leftist Politician's Cynical Abuse of Scripture

It must be something in the water. First Bill, then Hillary, and now John Kerry. In a recent article from the New York Times, Kerry said several things to raise my eyebrows, but his comments on Jesus and poverty really took the cake. The Times calls Kerry . . . "A Roman Catholic who has struggled at times to talk about his own faith, Mr. Kerry also told the group that he believed "deeply in my faith" and that the Koran, the Torah, the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles had influenced a social conscience that he exercised in politics. "

That leads in to the following quote by Senator Kerry:

"I will tell you, nowhere in there, nowhere, not in one page, not in one phrase uttered and reported by the Lord Jesus Christ, can you find anything that suggests that there is a virtue in cutting children from Medicaid and taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich."

(Insert big sigh here with some teeth grinding)

While I will grant you that the Scriptures address general principles about dealing with the poverty-stricken (and not in the way most radical leftists try to sell you), I must demur here. Jesus never talked about Medicaid. In fact, many of the things He did discuss dealt with individuals and not governments. More government (and with that, more taxes) is not the solution to poverty. The Scriptural principle is to help the truly needy, but also expect the needy to work for an honest living. There is no excuse for generational welfare and you can't justify generational welfare by Scripture.

Methinks that politicians such as John Kerry would be better served by sticking with what they really know instead of trying to wax eloquent as incompetent theologians.


crownring said...

Abuse of the Scriptures by anyone is an abomination, Sola, and while I'm not anywhere attmpting to mitigate what Kerry and the Clintons have done, we need to be looking hard at "The Religious Right" as well. If the "Religious Left" come off sounding very close to heretical, the "Religious Right" sound a great deal like Pharisees. Jesus had harsh words for both the Saducees and the Pharisees, the Saducees for their unbelief and the Pharisees for over-burdening the people with religious law that went far beyond what God intended. The political far left and far right both have their share of "Saducee and Pharisee thought" and the wise would do well to avoid both.

SolaMeanie said...

I would agree..and trust me. When I see a 'right winger' doing the same thing, I will nail him/her accordingly!