Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Mainstreaming of Evil

If you have access to a USA Today newspaper, you should check out today's issue and turn to the "Life" section. There's an article there that confirms yet again what Christians and other traditionalist-minded people have been warning about for eons. Slip sliding away, indeed!

There is a theatre production running now in New York called "The History Boys." The subject is a British grammar school teacher with a predilection for seeing children as targets of a carnal nature, if you get my drift. The article indicates that the play presents him as a sympathetic character. Coupled with recent stories in a similar vein from Canada and elsewhere, it indicates that there is indeed a growing movement afoot to mainstream the idea that such relations with children are acceptable. For some time, there has indeed been an organization dedicated to that idea, and kudos to Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly for keeping the heat on this sinister group. However, just like the steady drip, drip, drip of a faucet, the evil ideas of this organization seem to be wearing down the resolve of a society that ought to react in outrage.

Formerly, such a play would have been run out of town on a rail, but now it's receiving positive attention in a major U.S. newspaper. I have to wonder how many people will pay attention, get angry and act accordingly. Probably not enough, I am afraid. You'd think that the number of cases across the country of teachers messing around with their underage students would be enough to get a groundswell of righteous rage going. But instead, we seem to hear only a whimper. As an aside, a school district in Massachusetts had the unmitigated gall to push the homosexual option toward elementary school students and arrogantly told parents they could not opt their children out. Too bad I am not a parent in Massachusetts. I'd show them just how quickly I could opt...and then some.

It is sad to see the slow rotting of a once great society. It used to take centuries for a civilization to crumble from within. We're setting records in debasing ourselves. We'll have only ourselves to blame when this nation is finally judged by a righteous God.


crownring said...

I don't know if you've been seeing the Dateline: NBC series on sexual predators using the internet to find children to satisfy their demonic sexual fantasies, but some of it has been downright harrowing, Sola. With the help of an anti-pedophile organization called Perverted Justice, they have actually lured pedophiles to a set up house where they thought they'd been meeting up with children quite sucessfully. In the latest segment of the show to be aired, 27 pedos showed up, one actually bringing along his 5 year old son as he was seeking oral sex with a 14 year old boy! It makes me wonder, are we producing a generation of sexual perverts or what?

As for The DaVinci Code, it has been debunked over and over, along with the libelous accusations made by Brown against Opus Dei, a Catholic organization dedicated to prayer whom Brown villified as a cover for a Satanist agenda. The DaVinci Code is a book of fiction (sold as a novel)that some deluded individuals have digested as if it were truth. There are those whom will believe anything and Jesus described them as the blind leading the blind. That the Church should buy into this is ridiculous and the payback will indeed be very costly.

SolaMeanie said...

It does seem like there's something in the water these days. O'Reilly had a guy on last night who has a book out (not Dan Brown) pushing the DaVinci idea, the Gospel of Judas etc. The guy didn't have a leg to stand on other than his own vaporings. O'Reilly basically told him that, but when you're going to take on these types of errors, he ought to have someone on who is knowledgeable about church history, manuscript evidence etc. to "hit it out of the park."

I really do believe this is part of the last days "apostasy." Only time will tell, but it is hard to watch. It makes me mad so many so-called Christians are so willing to imbibe of this swill.

crownring said...

"So-called" are the effective words here, Sola. I'm beginning to think God may be using these books in order to weed out the "so-called" Christians and purify His Bride. We are told that many will fall away and that "The World Church" will actually persecute the faithful and that is subtly beginning to happen now. All America needs is some religious loon like Fred Phelps to commit a totally outragous crime and the "you-know-what" is gonna hit the fan. The religious loon factor is pointed towards the Muslim extremists now, but we can't expect that to last forever. I just learned there's a woman spewing the same demonic vomit as Phelps and it's enough to make me want to pull my hair out!

BTW, I bought Dave Wilkerson's book "The Vision" way back in the 70s and I still refer to it whenever something reminds me of one of his prophecies. Lately, that's been the weather with all the droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, and floods. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. Wilkerson's prophecies have been accurate at least 95% of the time and there's STILL time, if you know what I mean.

SolaMeanie said...

I agree, crownring. Signs of the times, indeed!

I've always appreciated Dave Wilkerson's stand for holiness and righteousness. He doesn't mince words with those who compromise. We need more of that today.

As for the Fred Phelps types, do you notice that even when mainstream evangelicals make it clear that Phelps is NOT representative of our faith, they ignore the distinctions and still try to lump us in with him. It's similar to the way they tried to tie Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart around our necks.

I think the situation with Islamic radicals is already being used to demonize fundamentalists or conservatives of any type, which is sad. An ignorant population is too ready and willing to buy the lie.