Monday, April 03, 2006

More Hollywood McCarthyism

Click on the area below marked TEXT. This will take you to an item you need to read to believe. In trying to explain why Sharon Stone's "Basic Instinct 2" is a big box-office bomb, the director tries to blame it on the current administration and "puritanical" mindset in the country. He says anything erotic has been "banned."


Earth to Hollywood. Censorship by definition is government imposed. If there was censorship, the movie would never have been made or marketed in the U.S.

Did you ever stop to think that the public just might be getting tired of the celluloid cesspool and maybe..just maybe..longs for a good story, well told and well filmed, where they can sit down with their families and not have to have the kids cover their eyes and ears? That there are subjects to be explored with more societal weight than how someone's groin looks or functions?

Oh, before I about coming up with something original, too. I am beginning to think the industry can't do anything else but sequels.


Abby said...

That's quite funny, that the film maker blames the Christians. Nice easy target, aren't they? Easier than saying "We made a bad film with a clapped out actress". Why did it take 14 years for a sequel? They should have made one a couple of years after 1992. I do like David Morrissey, I've seen him in a really good British drama but I don't like the poster for "Basic Instinct 2". There's one near my house and it's horrible. Doesn't make me want to see the film. Hopefully the "erotic thriller" is on its way out. I liked what you said about old Hollywood films versus new. I think I like "Brief Encounter" (1945) so much because of what isn't shown on the screen and the fact that the two people actually wrestle with the idea of adultery, and go back to their own wife and husband at the end, they don't just leap into bed with each other and find the grass is greener.

Anonymous said...

"the industry can't do anything else but sequels."

Or mine out the cultural "legacy" of 60s television. Would anyone be surprised right now to see a Mr. Ed remake, or a live action Wonderdog?

SolaMeanie said...

Amen to both your comments!

Abby, I just saw "Brief Encounter" not too long ago on TCM. What a story and how well acted! That is what I like so much about the old films. They didn't need the graphic stuff to get the point across. And how nice it is to see a film where they do the right thing instead of giving in to the baser nature.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

I agree with Abby's comments above. A LOT of time what isn't shown is more 'the point'. Think of all the powerpoint use tips and advertising training on the use of white space etc. Related subject; Did you see the movie with Sally Field and Danny Glover called 'Places in the Heart'? There is an 'affair' in that one that is more in the vein of reality in terms of sundry fragmentations and pain. Of course I like the surprise ending too, not to mention the surprise of seeing these two actors in a more thoughtful role that doesn't knee-jerk diss faith. Abby and Meanie, you two got it right imho!