Friday, May 26, 2006

Defeating Jihad

It is unusual for me to be up this late, and even more unusual for me to make back to back posts in one day. However, this deserves it.

After watching British Prime Minister Tony Blair and our own President George Bush perform at a news conference yesterday evening, I am more convinced than ever that what we hear our politicians, pundits and prognosticators saying is all a bunch of swill. Why? Allow me the courtesy of telling you.

This week on my radio program, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Serge Trifkovic, author of the new book "Defeating Jihad." Dr. Trifkovic is a former BBC correspondant, among his many other accomplishments. In the interview, he confirmed what I have believed for some time. Our establishment really doesn't get it as far is Islam is concerned. Or worse yet, they DO get it and want the worst to happen for more "global" reasons.

Both of these leaders were very animated in their idea of "democracy in the Middle East." Never mind that true Islam brooks no democracy, and holds non-Islamics under their authority as "dhimmi" class. Trust me. So-called democracy in Iraq will not spread like wildfire. Democracy as understood in Western countries is anathema to purist Islam. As an aside, let it be understood that there are nominal, cultural Christians who really don't live and practice the faith. Also, there can be nominal, cultural Muslims who don't really practice their faith as written and taught through the centuries. True Christianity and true Islam are poles apart, although the mainstream media likes to try and equate them.

Well, that was an aside to my overall point. In conclusion, while the words of our leaders sound inspiring and hopeful, in the realistic world and the ideologies prevalent in the Middle East, they are both smoking a hookah. There will indeed be a false peace reached. More on that later.


Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Joel, the raving Michael Savage puts it like this "Bomb the heck out of the Suni triangle and bring the boys home."

Of course the major media doesn't care if you oppose the war because you believe jihadists are good at heart and won't attack if we just flash them the 'peace sign', OR if you oppose that we are not fighting it wisely. E.g. not fighting 'hand to hand' in the streets of urban Iraq (noteably Fallujah.. sp?) but forcing areas holding suicidal jihadists' weapon caches and radicals to abandon them and leave the territories by giving notice of bombing to start soon.

That's Savage. In my view seeing dictators and people groups oppressed, now liberated to a degree is good news for the liberated if they gain freedom of thought, speech, access to information, and freedom of conviction including religious conviction along with it.

I agree that Blair and W have proven themselves wildly optimistic about the 'human good' and democratic principles flourishing without the kind of principled pluralism (agreement to disagree agreeably) that we tend to see mainly where a Christian understanding of God and His truth have significant cultural influence.

I also agree a 'false peace' is coming, eschatologically speaking. Meanwhile I'm hoping and praying our troops, NGOs, humanitarian efforts, chaplains and political people as well, who know, love, and honor Jesus, will have a redemptive influence in Iraq. Both Iraqis and expats who truly believe. And I'm confident such will also happen and with suffering as usual. Hang in there.

I know it is tiring to hear it, and we need to keep prayer and persuasion focus on Bush, but thank God the people of this country (remember it is Memorial Day Weekend) did not elect an America hating, military loathing appeaser to the White House. And there were and are many of that ilk to select from.

Let's pray a frustrated electorate (over judicial activists not restrained, border security law fake outs, and not hitting the jihadists hard enough) won't hand over Congress to the whiney baby wimps, 'just to show how mad we are.' That would be a 'dhimmi' class-less decision for sure.

Meanwhile, do you think we could maybe try to censor Jimmy Carter? Click here to try.

Rob said...

Censuring Jimmy Carter is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You can't censure someone because you disagree with them.

Sola, don't take anything I'm going to say as support for the Republicans or George W.

Christian history shows many times in our past where democratics ideals and our faith were completely incompatible. Meanwhile the Muslim's lived in relative peace (unitl of course the crusades).

The Ku'ran is no less violent then our Old Testament. Yet the Jews seem to flourish with democracy in Israel.

I think the West's foriegn policy during the Cold War has reaped what we sowed. You know how to defeat the Jihadists and bring about real change in the Middle East. STOP BUYING OIL. Stop it right now. Force businesses to come up with alternatives.

I really worry about your economy. Did you know that the U.S. spends 50% of the entire world's Military budget? You've gone deeply into debt, you keep cutting taxes, your deficit is embarassing, and your getting your rear kicked by Canada and China with your massive trade defecit.

Not to be too parisan here but that's with a Republican Senate, Congress, President and now a Republican Supreme Court. The conservative record doesn't seem to be lining up with the rhetoric.

But beyond party politics. The Middle East is no more confusing then a drug dealer is. They've got you hooked on oil. Some bad people run those countries. They use American's money to buy guns, to shoot American's for interfering in their country. Cold Turkey is the only way to stop this vicious cycle.


SolaMeanie said...


It most certainly is not idiotic. I suppose you would have to be American and conversant with American history/politics to understand why. Carter's transgressions go beyond mere disagreement.

It has been tradition since America's founding that a former president does not meddle in the policies of his successor. It is also considered unseemly for a former American president to criticise his country on foreign soil during a military conflict. Carter has violated both of these areas. The latter is especially shameful. Carter was an inept president and he's an even more inept theologian.

I wouldn't expect you to say anything supportive of a conservative! :) It would be entirely out of character for you.

I think you need to re-educate yourself on where American democratic ideals came from. Read David Barton and you'll see what I mean. As for the Muslims living in peace until the Crusades, what substance are you abusing? That has to be the most breathtaking remark I've heard in a LONG time. Also, I would hardly judge the authority and reliability (much less the violence) of the Old Testament by what is in the Quran. The modern state of Israel is not the theocracy of the Old Testament. I am a bit mystified as to the point you're trying to make.

The jihadists would be after the Western lifestyle regardless of our foreign policy. Islamic doctrine states that whenever a land has been under Muslim control, it must be retaken at all cost. Since they overran half of France until Charles Martel stopped them, you can see where that leads.

I don't disagree with you about energy independence. I am worried about our economy too, but not in the same way. Our so-called conservative legislature and administration are NOT following conservative principles. Tax cuts stimulate the economy, as has been shown over and over again. The Keynesian model is discredited. We have way too much debt. I would also like to see us get off of paper I.O.Us and return to a gold standard eventually.

You mention the Supreme Court. Did you know that the liberal Earl Warren, John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy etc. were all Republican appointees? The first two turned out to be as liberal as the day is long. That might be changing now, but we need more justices like Scalia and Thomas.

Interestingly enough, my pastor once said he could be a Democrat if it wasn't for their stands on social issues. I can't be a Democrat, but I don't like what the Republicans are either. They're not conservative enough.

Rob said...

Hey Sola,

Just to clarify, I'm not saying the crusades are to blame for Jihad. I'm saying that I can present evidence to suggest that between 300-1000 the Muslims lived in relative peace.

The problem with being a democrat or a Republican is that people assume you agree about everything.

For example, I think everyone having guns in your country is silly. I think it leads to lots of people being shot. But because I prefer strong gun control, why must I support abortion on demand?

I would also prefer a rather conservative fiscal policy. By this I mean governments shouldn't spend more then they bring in. But because I believe conservative fiscal policy doesn't mean that I don't think gay's should have equal rights under the law.

Really, it's become an exercise in choosing between the lesser of 2 evils. I think President Bush was the greater of those evils. Apparently 65% of Americans agree with me.

We need sanity returned to government. Where Republicans and Democrats sit down and discuss the issues. BTW, Republicans are getting a taste of this administrations arrogance over immigration aren't they? I've never seen 2 people in the same party go after each other like I saw on Meet the Press this morning.

Go Hillary in 2008 :)

See you later.


SolaMeanie said...

They might have lived in peace while they were running the show after conquest.

As to guns, I make no apologies for our Second Amendment. You'd have to understand our founding, which I do..being an American and growing up when they still taught Western Civilization instead of political correctness. Studies including those by Dr. John Lott show that crime actually goes down where more private citizens have firearms.

The Second Amendment was put in so that the people would have the means to protect themselves from a government gone tyrannical, as well as to serve as a citizen militia in case of invasion. An unarmed populace can easily become an enslaved populace. The revisionists try to say this is not true, but all one has to do is read the writings of the founding fathers on this point and their meaning is clear, unless the reader is postmodern. Then it might take some explaining.

Rob, my friend..your comments on this thread remind me a bit of "random chance" or the line from Forrest Gump. "Like a box of chocolates, you never know what's you're going to get." :))

Rob said...

I'm going to take that as a compliment Sola. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. May all the soldiers come home soon, because we live in a world of peace.