Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An Eerie Feeling

I haven't been feeling ship-shape for several weeks, and thusly my posting to the Seventh Sola has been sporadic and mainly consisting of asides about newsworthy articles. I hope to resume more prolific activity soon. Until then, a brief think piece.

This shot was taken at the entrance to Lake Superior at the Duluth/Superior port in Minnesota. It is the same sight that would have been seen by the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald on November 9, 1975, as she set out for Detroit only to sink in a storm barely a day later 15 miles off of Whitefish Bay, Michigan. The winds were clocked at 90 mph and the waves estimated at at least 30 feet. The "Fitz" sank so fast there was no time for an SOS. The last words of the captain were "We're holding our own." The lake in this shot looks eerily placid. Yet she can pound even ocean going vessels with unspeakable wrath. The Fitzgerald's 29 men are still in the wreck, 525 feet below the surface, bodies more likely than not preserved due to the frigid waters at that depth.

Isn't this somber image applicable to the spiritual state of our country these days? Could it possibly speak to the state of the church as a whole in North America? Think about it a while. Those of us who have been sailors in the evangelical Christian faith for some time have been warning that the church is on the wrong course and the horizon is foreboding. The waters have turned steely grey and have a little chop on them. The hint of an approaching bitter wind hisses through the leafless trees, and the subterranean rumble at the shoreline is blithely ignored by the significant majority heading out on the water of vain imaginings and false doctrines. It is no wonder that the Apostle Paul used the term "shipwreck" regarding those who had turned from the truth to apostasy. I think of the Titanic and how that huge ship was billed as "unsinkable." Tell that to the iceberg it hit in the North Atlantic.

In the long term of course, God always has His remnant and will preserve His church. While apostasy has always been present throughout church history, a significant final apostasy is predicted in the last days and I truly believe we are seeing it. We've only seen the beginning. It will get much worse before it gets better. When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?


Abby said...

Why do you think these are the "last days"?

SolaMeanie said...

That would take me more time to answer than I have at the moment. I believe in predictive prophecy and I believe biblical prophecies about the last days are being fulfilled in our lifetime. In a biblical sense, all the days after Christ's resurrection can be considered "last days"..but the time right before Christ's return is the general meaning when the term is used.