Monday, May 08, 2006

A Quick Query

To start off the week, here's an interesting point to ponder. As Frank Gorshin's character used to say on Batman, "riddle me this..."

Why is it that such a tiny minority of our population in the United States commands such attention and/or clout? I am talking about the gay rights community of course. Most honest, reliable estimates say that those individuals engaged in this type of behavior represent about five percent of the population - perhaps even less. Yet from watching the media and the entertainment industry, you'd think they represented a huge majority from all the attention they get.

Amazing that engaging in a certain highly dubious behavior can earn you the moral equivalence of an ethnic group. Ridiculous? I'd say so.


crownring said...

Well, Sola, mon ami, here is the answer to your dilemma. Remember that old axiom, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."? These people have discovered that if they howl long and loud enough, someone WILL pay attention to them. If they make their plight look pitiful enough, someone will feel sorry for them and maybe even legitimize their cause by throwing money at it. And like a train wreck, this stuff is quite fascinating to watch,whether or not we approve of it. This is the "American way", so I doubt it's gonna change anytime soon....except I have the very uneasy feeling that violence will soon become frequent in association with these protests.

Jack said...

Militant homosexuality seems to be driven by hatred -- hatred of God, hatred of masculinity, hatred toward fathers, rebellion against moral rules, radical self-centeredness. Plunge those seeds into a Darwinist, agnostic culture and it's "Feed me, Seymour!"

Jack Brooks
pastor, Georgetown EFC

Abby said...

I agree with what Crownring said.

Jack, I'm not so sure... a lot of people project hatred because they are hurting. They have internalised a lot of guilt and shame about being gay and the moment they meet someone who tells them lovingly that their lifestyle is wrong, they react in a huge overemotional over-reaction. It's because they have internalised all this self-hatred and here's a convenient scapegoat to project it onto. The issue is so messed up because nobody can think clearly when it comes to sex and sexuality!

Anyway, I try not to respond to hatred with generalisations and try to get to know the people and find out why they are so emotional about it.

Jack said...

I'm thinking about Paul's teaching that homosexuality is a punishment from God for rebelling against natural revelation (Romans 1). Now, I have felt it was important for me to see that Romans 1 also corrects my morally-traditional, conservative-evangelical tendency to consider homosexuality the worst of all sins. Paul says there it's our pride and refusal to thank God that's the ugly root of everything else bad about us. It's interesting to note that homosexuality is a penalty from God -- as if He mercifully holds unbelieving people back from the inner demons that want to consume them, but then "turns them over" to those unnatural drives as a consequence for worshiping idols.

So is homosexuality a cause of divine anger, or a manifestation of it -- or both?

Georgetown EFC

SolaMeanie said...

I think we must take Scripture at face value and as a whole. Homosexual behavior has always been seen as an abomination in both Old and New Testaments.

As to the Romans passage, I read that as basically a progression of sin left to matastacize like cancer. They begin with rebellion and sin, so the Lord says in so many words, "Okay. Fine. Go get a gutfull of it." His abandonment of them in their sin is the judgment at hand. God never makes anyone sin. They are reaping the rebellion and evil in their own hearts without divine restraint.