Friday, May 19, 2006

Sir Ian McKellen Destroys Gideon Bibles?

In an interview recorded in the London Telegraph, actor Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and now co-starring in The DaVinci Code) admits to tearing the book of Leviticus out of Gideon Bibles when he stays at hotels/motels.

While I respect McKellan as an actor, this really diminishes him as a person. So he's offended that Leviticus plainly states that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. Fine. Then he shouldn't buy a Bible or have one in his house. He has no right whatsoever destroy or damage these Bibles, which are NOT his property. I hope some wise manager of a hotel/motel catches him in the act and presses charges for criminal damage to property. Since this has probably happened at more than one place, too bad the charges couldn't be broadened beyond a misdemeanor. The Gideons ought to consider suing as well.


Rob said...

Goes to show you that the left is not devoid of stupidity.

Sola, I would be remiss not to point out the censorship on the right however. How about a little balance?


SolaMeanie said...

Rob my friend,

Balance? Why should I be balanced when I am right? Does one throw a rock on to the scale plate for such a purpose?

I am tweaking, of course. Kidding aside, let me remind you of what censorship actually is. Censorship is imposed by a government. Not individuals. Sir Ian's action was criminal damage to property.

BTW..have you never received my emails? Never got an answer. Nothing controversial, just irenic, pleasant messages.

crownring said...

Sola, I understand your outrage, but the legality of these shenanigans being civil criminal damage is a little murky here. For one thing, the Gideons are a charitable organization and unless their policy has changed, hotel customers are allowed to take these Bibles home free of charge if they wish. I don't know anything about the agreements made between the hotel owners and the Gideons for the placement of the Bibles in the rooms, so I will refrain from conjecturing. I agree it's extremely poor form on McKellan's part to take what is essentially a gift, destroy part of it, and leave it in a mess for other hotel customers to find and then brag about it, but I think a law suit would only encourage hotel chains to start refusing the placement of Gideons' Bibles in the rooms entirely to avoid further legal hassles. McKellan is indeed a fine actor, but he also has the reputation of being "a very strange and eccentric cat", even apart from being gay, and I doubt many others will follow his lead....unless we create copycats by trying to make McKellan out to be the bad guy and thus make him look the political martyr....probably a role McKellan would keenly relish. But our problem isn't really with McKellan, Sola, but with the demon of lust who pulls his strings and the last time I checked we can't prosecute demons in a civil court of law. We simply aren't going to advance the Kingdom of God by responding to spiritual sickness with worldly remedies, not now, not ever. I believe a collective yawn should be the outward Church response to McKellan's behavior, prayer on his behalf should be the inward response.

Rob said...


I've never recieved an email from you. I'm not ignoring you! my email address is Send them and I'd love to respond!

Abby said...

I totally agree with what Crown Ring said.

I am going to attempt to not watch any of his films in future, I've lost all respect for him after reading that. Destroying a book that cannot defend itself is pathetic and cowardly. But I should pray for him because something must have made him that angry and nihilistic!

SolaMeanie said...

Crownring and Abby,

Thanks for your comments. I certainly agree with the need to pray for Sir Ian, although I think he would heartily disdain it.

I do take a harder position over his destruction of Scripture, though. If he wants to destroy his own Bible, fine..but he has no right to destroy Bibles in hotels and motels. To use an old adage in the entertainment industry (commonly aimed at those of us who object to sleaze and filth)..if he doesn't like what's in the Bible, don't read it. It might well be true such an action would cause the hotel chains to react adversely, and that alone gives me pause. Too bad the chains wouldn't have the moxie to add a hefty charge to Sir Ian's bill...just for the principle.

I have been bothered for some time by the viewpoint some people have today that film, music and art MUST offend to be relevant. Whatever happened to artistic expression meant to INSPIRE?