Thursday, May 25, 2006

Throw the Bums Out!

That's an old adage, isn't it? I feel like yelling it loudly tonight.

This is an edited version of what I wrote earlier. I was pretty steamed..and still am. However, as much as I'd love to see the entire government - executive, legislative, and judicial - turned out of office at the nearest possibility and replaced with all new people, I must turn the rolling boil to a low simmer and say honestly that there ARE good men and women serving in office. I suspect strongly that they are a minority, but they are there. I can put my own Congressman in that category, but you know..that seems to always be a given with most voters. People get mad at Congress, but they keep re-electing their own legislators. It's always somebody else's fault. I also have to think of Congress changing hands in 1994. Did things change all that much for very long? Not really. Did the Democrats' loss change their tune or their behavior? Nope. I think it will really take an electoral paroxysm of epic proportions to effect the change we need to set this country to rights again.

I've been a stalwart conservative most of my life. I still am. However, you can add my name to the growing chorus of people - both left and right - who are incensed at the complete disconnect between lawmakers in both houses of Congress and the current administration. This disconnect covers people of all parties, so this isn't a partisan rant. From immigration issues, to war, to fiscal policy, to social policy..our elected leaders are doing nothing more than pandering on one side and flipping the bird to the great unwashed they're supposed to represent on the other. They think they know better than the rest of us what is good for the country (read good for their agendas), and thus far, they treat our letters, phone calls, pleas and even protests with contempt.

It's time for a whole scale housecleaning while we still can do it. The Seventh Sola recommends that we all write our legislators and warn them that unless there is massive change and they begin actually fixing our problems, they're ALL going to be retired in the next election. At election time, write in candidates of your own choosing and ignore whoever the party recommends. Make it clear to the government as a whole that change is coming and it will be sweeping. On the local level, press state legislatures for the right to conduct recall elections. If the legislature will not act, vote every last one of them out at the next election. Local parents need to regain control of school boards from the administrators' associations and teachers' unions. College boards of trustees need to be replaced. Tenure needs serious reform so prosyletizing professors can face dismissal unless they cease indoctrinating and begin teaching. On and on through every fabric of governance.

I realise this will cause a lot of chaos and a lot of good legislators may well be cashiered as a result. Better that than them catching the "fever" and becoming too comfortable in office. They're there to make a difference. Not carry on the status quo. A message needs to be sent to our leaders, with a baseball bat if necessary.

P.S. Yaas..I realize that the above scenario is utterly unrealistic and most assuredly will not happen. If things get that restive, the powers that be would declare martial law before they allow themselves to be ejected. But, it sure felt good to rant. I feel better now.


crownring said...

Should you ever get to the U.P. of Michigan, Sola, you won't want to miss the lighthouse and the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Bay. They have the bell from The Edmund Fitzgerald and show a short film on the dive to the ship and the placement of a new bell on the ship's bridge that has the names of all those who perished with her inscribed upon it. As you walk through the museum and gaze upon the recovered items from many a tall ship and other vessels which perished in the deceptively calm lake waters, you can almost hear the cries of people perishing in the icy waves of Lake Superior. And while you're there, go down to the stoney beach where you'll find agates that have been polished by the waves for centuries on end.

I have loved the Great Lakes since I first saw the blue of Lake Huron peeking through the lakeside brush as we drove North to Machinaw City ten or so years ago. My husband and I have also crossed Lake Michigan on the last of the railroad car ferries (coverted to domestic use) still in operation on the Great Lakes, The S.S. Badger. I have seen and climbed the stairs to the lantern rooms of many a old lighthouse (The views are ALWAYS incredible.) and had a small taste of what it must have been like to be a lightkeeper at the Catshead Lighthouse on the rawest October day imaginable. There are more lighthouses (or their remains) along the coastlines of Michigan than any other state, over 125 of them. That alone testifies to the fury of The Great Lakes whatever the season. And they still hold a memorial service for those who perished on The Fitz on the anniversary of the tragedy every year at Mariner's Church in Detroit. I believe the late, great undersea ocean adventurer Jacques Cousteau said he'd never been in water so deceptively beautiful and so incredibly treacherous.

crownring said...

Oooops, I'll copy and paste the above post to the correct blog entry. This is what happens when I post too late at night on a holiday weekend...........sigh.