Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two Astute Articles on Current Controversies

Until I get back to being 100 percent, I am posting links to two articles very much worth reading. The first by Gene Edward Veith deals with the reality of Islam taking over Western civilization. It's about time someone illustrated clearly what happens when the Muslims take over in a nation. Dhimmi-class, anyone?


The next article by Lynn Vincent deals with the subject of academic freedom. More accurately, the lack of it and how our previously esteemed colleges and universities are today nothing more than leftist parrot factories. This only confirms my desire to see the majority of tenured professors canned and substituted with scholars who teach students how to think..not what to think.


I'd be interested to see your comments.


crownring said...

I spoke with our favorite Canadian poster on IMDb about the first article, Sola, and he quickly corrected the part about Sharia Law being permitted to override civil law in Canada. Sharia is not legal in Canada, so Muslim women still have some protections.

BTW, I posted the article there and it stirred up quite a scream fest. LOL!

As for teachers telling their students WHAT to think instead of teaching them to think for themselves, well, that's been going on for a very long time. Regurgitation of "the facts" is all most teachers want from their charges, even if "the facts" constitutes only uncontested opinion.

SolaMeanie said...

Hmm. Interesting. I would like to look more into the Canadian situation. World usually doesn't make errors like that. I'm glad our Canadian friend caught the mistake. Perhaps it was an anomaly in one particular region?

As to the "screamfest"...some things never change at IMDb, do they?

crownring said...

Well, the post was deleted by ADMIN, Sola, like most anti-Islam on IMDb do. And I think it may be because our "Chicago" friend reported it. She and our favorite Canadian poster simply do not get along, Sola, and she's made no bones of her dislike of him. "Chicago's" been in an odd and very sarcastic frame of mind lately.......:(

As to the accuracy of the article, Our favorite Canadian poster said the suit to allow Sharia law take presidence in Muslim communities was shot down in a provencial Supreme Court case. You might want to contact him yourself for more info.