Saturday, June 10, 2006

Argh, Argh and Double Argh

Well, here I sit at a regional Ford dealership some 40 miles from my house. Remarkably, they have an internet terminal for the use of their customers, so here I am. If you find errors of either a grammatical or of a spelling nature, realize that I am writing on the fly and am rather agitated at the moment.

I was out trying to unwind a bit and take care of some business, and what should happen but my truck decided to die the death of 1,000 screams. I had just fueled up at a Mobil station and was in transit at highway speed when the "check engine" light came on, and the truck began shaking like the New Madrid Fault.

As tempted as I was to pull into Menards, buy a cement maul and began sledging until the Ranger resembled something from the hands of Salvador Dali (if he had sculpted metal), I pulled into the closest Ford dealer I could find. As I had no appointment, people were ahead of me and it was a Saturday, I looked forward to a long, tedious afternoon - boiling with rage that I had to waste time like this AND spend money on unplanned repairs. I shouldn't complain. The truck has 137,000 miles on it (it's a 2002 model!) and has rarely given me any trouble. It's just the timing.

I find a funny character flaw in myself during times like this. The worst of catastrophes can happen and I am fairly unflappable. However, let something like a minor inconvenience happen in the course of human events, and I am ready to push the button on the whole planet. I mean, I get truly irritable. Odd. I have often imagined that if my doctor were to tell me I had cancer, I'd either shrug and go to bed, or go bowling. However, let my truck break down forcing me to spend a few hundred dollars, and I am ready to put on sackcloth and ashes. Followed by retreat to a remote mountaintop where I would sit smouldering and sulking in high dudgeon.

Obviously, this isn't a post that I would have normally made here. I had actually planned on something spiritual. Perhaps there's something in that for me (and my readers) to ponder. The Lord is concerned even with the petty things of His children, and doesn't allow things to happen to them without a larger purpose. I am convinced there is either a lesson or a spanking involved in this. Perhaps both. At least I am showing my very evident humanity for all to see. What a wonderful thing to have a Savior and Lord who died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead for my justification. What a wonderful thing to contemplate God's promise to complete the work He has started in me, and to conform me into the image of His Son. How wonderful to know that in eternity, the trials - major and minor - of this life will seem so petty and small. In my present mood, it's hard to focus on that wonderful truth.

Anyway, enjoy Solameanie's crabby mood. Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass.


Randy said...

You amaze me! I've used that phrase a lot, this too shall pass like a kidney stone! I feel your pain. The big things happen and I shake them off, but let a check engine light come on and I'm ready to come unglued. Man, that many miles on a 2002? Have you been driving cross country a lot? ha-ha. I have to admit the one thing that always gets my goat (other than the wolves) is the every day problems. It is a bane in my existence. Your story is a good reminder that this is all temporary and someday when the shifting shadows of this earth are gone and the veil is lifted, we'll see Christ and eternity laid out before us....then these things here will seem trivial in the light of it all. Thanks for being vunerable and willing to show your human side as we walk in Christ.

Cindy said...

Yeesshh!!! I don't blame you a bit, Joel. I hate spending money on car repairs.

I LOVED your Salvador Dali line. :)