Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Exponential Apostasy

I am still not fully recovered from hives and assorted other illnesses, so this will be brief. However, I must make some comment.

The liberal end of the Presbyterian Church (I once referred to it as the Lesbyterian Church on air in a Freudian slip) has decided that we can play games with references to the Triune God. Mother, womb..and whatever the heck else they said.

The American end of the Anglican Communion (Episcopal) continues to thumb the eye of not only the Communion at large, but also the Lord Himself and His Word in trying to play the game of saying homosexuality is just fine and dandy.

We look at stories like this, and while they might make positive applause in the news media, these "churches" (and I use the word loosely) continue to hemorrhage members and attenders right and left. But they don't care much, do they? They would rather seem trendy and popular to society at large (especially if there are Hollywood connections) rather than being faithful to Scripture or to the Lord, who bought the salvation of all who trust in Him through His own shed blood. They are taking His sacrifice for sin and spitting in His face.

There are times when most of us get angry enough against this kind of evil to long for the days when public flogging was permissible. However, I am reminded by God that "vengeance is Mine..I will repay." And that is His right. Let us show mercy and grace. Let Him show His wrath, which He will do in due time unless there is repentance.


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SolaMeanie said...

Ichabod indeed, Lee. I have a hunch the Anglican Communion is headed for outright schism. The American Episcopalian Church has clearly shown that it doesn't give a rip about what their fellow Anglicans think.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, isn't helping. He upholds the traditional view publically, but backs the liberals behind the scenes. The former Archbishop Carey was much better. He even said recently that he was ashamed to be an Anglican with this kind of thing going on.