Thursday, June 29, 2006

Get Rid of Bob!!!!

This morning's irritation comes from the world of television advertising. I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of the ubiquitous, tiresome "Enzyte" commercials and "Bob" ..the guy with the idiotic Stepford grin and plasticine wife. Commercials have been increasingly shameless for some time, but the "Bob" commercials are too much. It's bad enough that they have to even talk about erectile dysfunction on television, but to couple it with very tasteless, irritating television ads makes it worse. You really can't watch television with families any longer during prime time. Every other commercial, a parent ends up facing questions they'd rather not answer yet due to the ages of the children. Years ago, such a commercial would never have been permitted to air. If a man has trouble engaging in flagrante delicto, he could chat about it with his doctor rather than subjecting the rest of the country to his flaccid problem.

Another commercial I would love to see someone stilletto is the Video Professor. John Scherer's face can greet one several times in the course of a half hour and I am sick of it. Besides, think about this one for a moment. Why in tarnation would I need to buy a Video Professor CD to teach me how to buy or sell on Ebay? Especially since Ebay's website has instructions to do just that...for free. There's a sucker born every minute, I guess.

Anyway, all this is one more reason why I am growing less and less enchanted with television except for Turner Classic Movies. At least I can watch that commercial free.

You might remember me in prayer, too. If I see "Bob" walking down the street someday, it will be with supreme difficulty that I resist the temptation to "bob" him...Lorena style.


Gavin said...

I think we can agree about Bob. While I don't really see the commercials as inappropriate for television, I'm just generally tired of commercials thinking it's funny to hint at sexual matters. Like those STD cream commercials "I have herpes" and then it shows someone hugging - I didn't know herpes COULD be spread through hugging! In gereal, I'd be in favor of eliminating advertising for prescription drugs, and as you said, if you have "problems", go talk to your doctor. And everytime I hear that stupid whistling song, my blood pressure shoots up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose it could be worse. If you've ever seen television over in Europe, it's much more bawdy than it is here. I just think there are certain subjects that ought to be handled with more care. If they MUST run ads for this stuff, why not after prime time. These are on 24x7.

If anything, it reveals how consumed our culture is with sex. I am beginning to wish they'd spike the water supply with saltpeter.

crownring said...

In that same light........

I happened to have the tv on this evening and saw a Nutrasystem ad that raised my eyebrows. (For those who are unfamiliar with Nutrasystem, it's a commercial weight loss system in which the company provides you with complete meals for a specified number of weeks.) This particular commercial was aimed at overweight men. I was taken aback when I heard the following line.

"My sex life improved dramaticly after I started/used Nutrasystem."


Talk about telling me something I didn't need to know....

Randy said...

It's also sad that they talk about herpes with smiles on their faces.
So, it's okay that they mess around and aren't careful, for after all, bingo, there's help for it! And....this gripes me...some insurances will pay for men's viagra! Since when is that preventative medicine? It seems that if the man left the viagra alone because he's too much on the prowl, he might not need the medication for the herpes virus later. Joel, just don't leave home with your butcher knife. Poor Bob might be in the hospital!
Be well brother.

Abby said...

I don't like the adverts for women's sanitary products. They used to be very subtle and hint at the matter but now they talk about "flow" and show how absorbent pads are with water, like diaper adverts. Urgh! Too Much Information!

In this country we have a Viagra advert with Pele saying if he had this problem ("if"!) he says "I definitely would." (use the product). Splee and I have taken that as our general catchphrase with much merriment, I'm afraid.