Monday, June 26, 2006

Joel's Outrage of the Day (Edited Version)

This morning, I was watching Fox News Channel when they reported a story about government workers using their government credit cards for outrageous personal expenses. One fellow even paid for his girlfriend to have breast implants with a government credit card.

Stuff happens like this, and those in government wonder why those of us outside the Beltway hold them in such contempt (Yes, I know that there are good, conscientious government workers..goes without saying). This is yet more evidence of a once great nation in slow, steady rot, decline..whatever you'd like to call it. It will take a monumental miracle to turn it all around. And that brings me to another point that might not seem related, but it is.

We have an entire generation that has been raised with a self-centered, entitlement mindset. I am not just talking government social programs, either. These government hacks seem to think that the money they spend is something that is theirs by right, whether it belongs to someone else or not. Beyond that, we have a generation who thinks that the whole earth revolves around them.

I recently attended a wedding (something that always sends my system into dysentery). After the ceremony, the bride, groom and wedding party chasseed off driving around in a limo taking pictures, leaving a whole crowd of people waiting for them at an outdoor reception for two hours in high heat and humidity. While I did not attend the reception as my elderly mother needed to get home, I heard about it afterward and was told that the wedding party couldn't do much at the reception until the bride, groom and their team got there. Apparently they forgot they had guests waiting for them, although it does seem a bit hard to forget a couple hundred people. When something was mentioned to one of the parents, the complaint was dismissed as "that's the culture they are in."

I am beginning to dislike the word "culture." It reminds me of something you'd scrape off the bottom of a petri dish. No matter what "culture" is present, there is no excuse for this kind of thoughtlessness at best, or rude and selfish behavior at worst. There were elderly people present who really do not tolerate high heat well. But did that make a difference? Nope. Of course, I don't think they MEANT to offend anyone. They just didn't bother to think. However, I do wonder at what their reaction would be if confronted directly. Would they be defiant (probably) or offer a mea culpa? (Probably not) If parents can be so unconcerned about bad manners or behavior, there's no mystery why some in the under 30 crowd are clueless when it comes to social graces.

When such a mindset begins working its way into the church, you know we're in trouble. But alas, our approach to church and worship is "what makes ME happy and comfortable," not what pleases the Lord. I have gotten to the point that every time I see a church in town remodeling to put in coffee bars, donut shops, couches etc. - I have to suppress the urge to pray for a rupture of the New Madrid Fault to send it all tumbling down. Sermons focus on self help rather than "to obey is better than sacrifice." Books, videos, you name it..what have You done for me lately, God?

Ultimately, I have hope..of course. I know from Scripture what the denouement will be. However, I suspect that we'll be in for a very rough ride before we get there. More than suspect, actually. I'm expecting it.


crownring said...

"This is the culture they live in." Oh, really? Now let's try "They don't know any better because this is the culture WE RAISED THEM IN." Unfeeling, uncaring, and utterly self-serving.

Don't go to IMDb today, Sola. I was there for a few minutes this morning and came away wanting to gag. It's the wedding you described all over again, only worse.

SolaMeanie said...

I took a peek on there this morning and quickly left, LOL.

I thought of something else a bit funny. The place is the Internet Movie Database, and yet you seldom see movies discussed. I know there are probably boards for that, but the conversations on the Soapbox are odd ones for a place that is supposed to be dedicated to film.

Randy said...

I went to a wedding and the same thing happened! Man, can I relate.
The way I see it is that the new couple can go joy-riding later. Plus, this will get in the crawl (good old southern term there) of many. Sometimes I think the couple esp. the women get so caught up with the "ceremony" and the trappings of it. They spend months on end preparing for this one day but do they think about the lifetime ahead of them with the one they wed?

And finally, I've tried a church here and I can't go back to it. Coffee in the pews, relentless vain choruses sung over and over, watered down messages because we want the sinner to feel comfortable. Ok, here's the fire and brimestone part. Wouldn't it be better to give them a Jonathan Edwards, "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" sermon to keep them from burning like a torch in hell?
I know, I'm not showing love? Or am I? Better to be scorned here than hereafter. Good writing as always Joel.

PS-I don't really like being vitriolic, but the enemy is doing a great job of numbing the sinners and the saints these days! Myself included, it's time to wake up. I do believe in the love of God in Christ. It makes me tremble that he loves me so much and keeps me from dangling over the pit. The one that I deserve but he keeps me out of.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Meanie, you've done it again. Come on, you know that government credit card had a high interest rate now, don't you? Ha! And the girlfriend lost interest in the political nice guy after her new lures discovered a couple bad boys with no respectability constraints who will gush endlessly about her fake glands. And about that wedding... I suppose we can hope when they go out to eat they'll be waited on by some equally inconsiderate '20 something' year olds who keeps them forever hungry, don't clear off the plates and leave their refills dry til the salsa burns their mouths off. And when they check in to their motel the same type generational imbiciles will keep them waiting and waiting while they themselves chat away obliviously on their cell phone with their insignificant others. Ha. Meanie you know it's true. What goes around comes around or as Scripture puts it we/they/you will reap what we/they/you sow. Tip: Next time have a family member (who can't escape) with a cell phone at the reception phone you when they arrive. Ha.

SolaMeanie said...

Good comments from everyone. Joe, I have to hope and pray that this marriage will not end up with one of them heading out west for a Reno divorce, LOL. they still do that in Reno? That was the town's primary claim to fame..the quickie divorce. Nowadays, they can probably divorce by mail order.

Abby said...

SolaMeanie I checked in to the IMDB to lurk yesterday and it seemed full of trolls. It's too scary to go back and post there! But it is good to know you are still fighting the good fight.