Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who Cares What God Thinks?

Below is a link to an article in the June 13 edition of USA Today. The title is "God and Gays." This article is probably one of the best illustrations on what is wrong in the Christian church as a whole today. Not only is it illustrative of the spirit of postmodernism, but it is also a clear indicator that the heart of man has not changed since the Fall. Selfishness and rebellion, even among those who pose as Christian clergy. In reality, these men and women of the "cloth" are apostates and false prophets. They will be held accountable by the God they claim to worship. They only want to worship Him on THEIR terms, not on His. The Lord will have none of it.

Especially telling are the words of former Episcopalian clergywoman Barbara Brown Taylor. The headline to her little section reads "Ex-priest rethinks Bible's authority." That really says it all. These people don't love God. They don't revere His Word, much less even believe that the Bible IS God's Word. "Reverend" Taylor asserts, "Jesus knew the Hebrew Scriptures and he departed from them. He was not faithful to the Scripture of that time, and today the Bible teaches me the book is not the final authority. The spirit is moving; Scripture is not the only measure."

The "spirit" is indeed moving, sweetie. However, it's the spirit of Antichrist and not the Spirit of the Living God. Jesus had the sovereign right to do as He pleased because He is God the Son. He didn't have the low view of His own Word that you claim. In fact, He upheld biblical authority because it contains HIS authority. Not one jot or tittle will pass away from it. No matter how much you try to ignore it or redefine it in true Alice in Wonderland style.

The long and short of it is that God's Word stands and always will. The authority of God's Word stands. The clarity of God's Word stands. His identification of homosexuality as sin stands whether these "reverends" or "faithful" like it or not. So this makes you feel "unwelcome?" This makes you feel sad? Well, boo hoo hoo. Cry me a river.

I have a sure cure for you. It involves two actions, really four. Believe, repent, obey and trust. Try that some time. You might even find deliverance.

USA Today


Randy said...


A few thoughts tonight:
First, you posted the following comment over at emergentno... "As far as public witness of the Gospel, there are some in this debate who think people can come to saving faith in Christ by osmosis. God forbid that they'd ever actually CLEARLY articulate the Gospel, that Jesus died for our SINS and rose again from the dead for our justification. That people need to REPENT. To insinuate that someone just might be a sinner in NEED of repentance and forgiveness might turn them off, don't you know. Can't have that, can we? We wouldn't be able to afford the jasmine votives and espresso machines that adorn our sanctuaries."

Regardless of coffee and candles, there isn't anyone on the list who would disagree with your statement. It's more about method where we differ.

In terms of your most recent post here, it's not that Christians are loving sin. It's that some of us are doing our exegetical work, and the Scriptures are not nearly so clear as an English translation might seem. If you look at the situations within the texts sited regarding "homosexuality," they are not really about the term as we know it.

This does NOT mean that I do not have a very high view of the Scriptures. In fact, I will suggest that treating the Scriptures with enough respect to look at the original langauges, look at the context within which the text was written, and try to understand them within our contexts requires a VERY high view of the Biblical text.

In terms of your thoughts regarding homosexuality, you may be correct. But I cringe to think that the church used biblical text to support slavery for 1900 years after Christ...

So, perhaps it's not so simple.


Rob said...


I agree and echo your comments. Is it a low view of scripture not to stone Adulterers? I don't think so, I think it's about understanding the text to whom it was originally written.


SolaMeanie said...


Thanks for the note. I appreciate it. I think the simplest response is that I don't agree. (smile) This will probably come across more sarcastic than I mean it, but it's not like biblical exegesis was just discovered in the last 10 years. I am sure you don't mean what your words imply, but the conservative end of the spectrum does excellent exegetical work also. To imply that they lack exegetical ability is a bit insulting. Their study has caused them to come to quite different conclusions. I have studied this issues deeply as have others, and if anything, I am growing even more theologically conservative.

The problem is not in true exegesis. The problem is in a postmodern mindset that recognizes no absolutes and no authority other than their own subjective, emotional interpretation. The thing I don't think many in the EC movement are seeing is that if Christianity is just one of many smorgasbord options out there, then why bother?

I'll speak more on this when I have time.

Randy said...


Good words as always. I know a guy that decided to go to church. He is gay. So, he picks this one denomination that upholds that being gay is acceptable. It sure is the sign of the times. Instead of going to a church that will preach the true gospel, he picked one that would confirm his thinking.

That's also the reason I have a problem with the seeker movement that is going on. Let's make the sinner feel comfortable. No pews, no organ music, drink coffee in your seat, etc. But, the bottom line is, as you well know, that coming to Christ will still require repentence and faith in the One true God, Jesus Christ. Coming to Christ initially might make the person feel worse than better. Sin still has to be dealt with. So dressing up the church to make sinners feel better won't get the true job done.

God hasn't changed his mind on sin regardless of how man tries to wiggle his way around it.

Thanks for a great post Joel!

Deanna said...

I don't often post links in a comment on other people's blogs - but your post and the other comments remnded me of this YouTube video and I couldn't pass it up.


Although the sentiments in this video are a bit exaggerated, sadly it is a pretty accurate picture of the general attitude of many people in our society.

Randy said...


Deanna was right on target about the link she sent. The ME church.
If some haven't checked it out, they should. It's obviously a bit far-reaching but was meant to be.
So, thanks Deanna for the link. It's sad that today's Christianity has been reduced to a "Starbucks" mentality.

SolaMeanie said...

Thanks, Deanna...it would indeed be a hoot if it wasn't so spot on.

I know that the church has always had controversies and false teachers in her midst. It doesn't make it any easier to live through them though, does it?

Abby said...

I think that any church that promotes feeling good over sin will always end up with no members eventually. The church in my mum's village had a very camp vicar who when he preached balked at any mention of the word sin and in his congregation were about three old ladies, nobody else. He preached nothing of value whatsoever. So making people feel good just doesn't work! And people will get bored and will leave. Churches that actually preach the gospel and help people deal with sin realistically seem to thrive, in my understanding anyway. So I guess I am saying that false prophets never prosper in the long term.