Monday, July 31, 2006

Media Hyperbole?

This photo taken from the inside of an Ozark cave has sort of a double meaning in my mind in relation to the events in Israel and Lebanon. First, it is illustrative of why ground troops will be necessary to twist Hezbollah out of their underground bunkers and holes. Given the tragic civilian deaths in Qana, a Hezbollah stronghold where the terrorist thugs actually fire from civilian areas on purpose, the political pressure on Israel might be too intense. I hope not. As stated earlier, civilian deaths are not something to celebrate, but they cannot be helped in this type of conflict. The way to end such deaths is to get Hezbollah out of these areas permanently.

The photo is also symbolic of the media's rather stilted view of this crisis. While Fox News has done better than most about putting the bulk of the blame on the terrorists, occasionally reporters overreach with their commentary. One in particular compared the destruction in one Lebanese city to Dresden during World War II. Anyone knowing anything about World War II and the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden knows better. It was total destruction. The Israeli military has not done anything near that level in Lebanon, at least not yet.

War is not pretty. The West these days tends to want to sanitize everything from executions to military conflict. Do we rejoice in war and bloodshed as Christians? Of course not. But we also recognize that evil men must be stopped, and sometimes stopping them impacts wider groups of people than the evil men themselves. There are consequences in these issues. Supporting Hezbollah either through direct aid and comfort to rhetorical support has consequences. There will be little sentiment for peace if one side continues to view Israel as the sole responsible party for this conflict.

If you celebrate, aid or abet terrorists, then you stand a good chance of reaping the consequences for such a decision. There will be, nor should there be, any ceasefire until Hezbollah agrees to cease and desist. If they will not, then hostilities must continue until Hezbollah is destroyed. If Lebanon and the rest of the world want an end to the conflict, then they had best see to it that they help Israel stop the attacks.

However, as I have pointed out, much of the world doesn't seem to care about that. For Hezbollah and its acolytes, Israel still exists as a nation and the Jews as a people are still breathing. They will not accept anything less that Israel's destruction. For that reason, there is no other option but to eradicate Hezbollah and other like-minded terrorist groups, despite their Orwellian/Lewis Carrolian attempts to redefine that word and pin it on the U.S. and Israel.

You can't negotiate with people who want you dead. It's just that simple.

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