Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There and Back Again..and Some Good News

I hope J.R.R. Tolkien forgives me for borrowing his original title to "The Hobbit." I couldn't resist.

Yes, I am back from my little jaunt to the Ozarks, rested and happy. As you can see from these two photos (I have plenty more), the scenery was wonderful, the weather was hot, and the Buffalo National River was refreshingly wonderful. Although you can't really see it from the photo, the water is so clear you can stand neck deep in it and see your feet.

The other photograph was taken at Whittaker Point, otherwise known as Hawksbill Crag. In this particular shot, you can't see why it's called Hawksbill Crag, but from a distance it looks just like the profile of a hawk. It's also very steep and dangerous to get up there. One slip and you're dead. I am rather proud of myself from this jaunt. I have been in rather uncertain health for the past few years, and for me to hike two trails (one five miles and the "Crag" trail three miles) in near 100-degree weather and 98 percent humidity is no small accomplishment. The terrain is steep and rough, but by God's grace, I was determined to accomplish it.

The Buffalo River country in Arkansas is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful land you can imagine. I wish I could have spent more time there, but I can't be away from home for more than a week these days.

I came home to some good news. Recent tests I had on my liver came back within normal range at last. It had been compromised because of all the medication I've been on for other problems. The regimen I have been on is working, and I trust a healthy dollop of God's mercy and grace.

For those who read The Seventh Sola for theological debate and commentary, that will resume in due course. For now, let me bask for a while in the afterglow of a wonderful trip. Reality will set in soon enough. Trust me on that one.


Abby said...

Good news about your liver! I'm pleased to hear it.

SolaMeanie said...

Thank you, Abby..

Much appreciated. Hope all is well with you.


crownring said...

Salute! Glad to have you back, General Meanie, Sir! ;)

BTW, you think you'll get some of those Black Diamond watermelons this year, Sola? It just isn't Summer without some good, sweet watermelon. Sigh........

SolaMeanie said...

Hi, crownring..

Nope..dummy me..I didn't get to the seed store this past spring or the barbecue sauce place. Bummer.

And on top of it, a severe thunderstorm last night knocked down all our sweet corn in the garden. Oh, well..that happens. To compensate, I just won $100 of free gasoline in a local promotion. Considering I have to drive an 80 mile round trip every day for work, praise God for His provision!

Randy said...

Brother Joel,

Good you got away there Kemosabe.
I need a trip. I'm envious in a good way.

I'm glad about your liver tests coming back okay. You know, Joel, that we must have been running parallel there. My liver enzymes were off the map! My doc ordered some new tests and they came back close to the normal range. nd...of all things, he thinks it was due to the meds I'm on. Seems rather close to what you were going through.

At any rate, I'm glad you're doing better. Have a good weekend. Be well.