Friday, August 11, 2006

An Anchor Amid the Chaos

Given the situation in the world at the moment, it's understandable if one would want to jet off to a remote island and forget it about it all. The dispute between the Arabs, Persians and Israelis never ends. The demonic jihad by radical Islamofascists never goes away. No matter where we look, there is trouble.

If you take biblical prophecy seriously as I do, none of this should be surprising. In fact, it's foretold. However, that doesn't make it necessarily any easier to deal with from a human perspective. Some of us react with fear and worry, even though our Lord tells us not to worry. Some of us react with rage, despite the Bible's warning that "the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God." (James 1:20) Sometimes we react with a mixture of both.

It is during times such as these that the people of God have a chance to shine. It is during times like this that the Gospel needs to be held up more than ever. That doesn't mean we can't support military action to protect our countries, nor does it mean we cannot support justice raining down on evil people who are out to kill, maim and sow terror. I am talking about us as individual Christians. True peace can only come as hearts are changed by the power of the Gospel. Changed hearts produce changed lives.

Let's keep our fellow Christians who live in these war-torn areas in prayer. May God grant them the power and the resources they need to effectively share the Gospel with those who need to hear it. May He protect them in His grace and mercy. Pray for missionaries who are living and working in these areas, and others around the world. And let us pray for one another, that God will enable us to live the lives we ought to live before those around us.

My final note in today's post might be a tough one for those whose emotions are running high due to the terrorist threat. May the Lord enable us to be faithful witnesses to our Muslim neighbors here at home. Let's not allow rage at the extremists blind us to the fact that not all Muslims are necessarily terrorists. And even with those who are or might be, the Lord can still reach them. Walid Shoebat is a good example.

Military and law enforcement action is certainly necessary in fighting the terrorist threat. But as individual Christians and churches, we can fight the terror war on another front. That's by letting the Lord use us in sharing the Gospel. The Holy Spirit does the rest. And once there is a changed heart...there is a changed life. Hate turns to love. Violence turns to peace. One life at a time.


Randy said...


I often think about when Christ came. Of course the Pharisees tried to trap him with the render under Caesar deal. I like what Francis Schaeffer said in the Christian Manifesto. It's not
God and Caesar. It's


To me the meaning is obvious. Some might have to think on it a moment.

I believe that a changed heart leads to changed actions. Should we secure our country, sure. However, like you, when hearts are changed greater things happen.

Abby said...

Good post, Sola.