Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson and the Feeding Frenzy

By now, most are aware of the recent arrest of Hollywood icon Mel Gibson on charges of drunk driving, in addition to the anti-Semitic remarks he has admitted making while intoxicated. It really is a sad case.

I think most readers here (not to mention my radio audience locally) know that The Seventh Sola takes a strong pro-Israel stand on most issues. Anti-Semitism concerns me deeply and deserves the sharpest condemnation. One ought to be able to look around the world and see how much anti-Semitism still rages, and it's not just in Muslim nations. Having said this, I believe we are seeing a feeding frenzy on Mel Gibson in some quarters, and the motivation for it is just as suspect.

Many in the entertainment community were incensed at Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ." They falsely saw anti-Semitism in it, despite many Jews who saw the film and said they didn't see anything of the kind. Many of these same critics despise Christianity with a passion, no pun intended. Gibson's film blew the doors off at the box office despite their criticisms, and they've been laying in wait for an opportunity to get even. Now they've been given their opportunity.

To his credit, Mel Gibson has apologized profusely for his remarks, and has asked for help from the Jewish community in dealing with these issues. His abject apology (and repentance) seemed much more sincere and detailed than many so-called apologies for similar incidents by left-wing icons. Remember Jesse Jackson's "Hymietown" slur at New York City? I could mention a few more here, but you get the idea. The apologies we see in these instances are generally parsed and half-hearted. Nuanced would be a good word. Liberals love "nuance." But these people love to swell up like puff adders when a conservative says something wrong. More often, a conservative says something and the left takes what they say and injects a meaning into it that wasn't intended, or distorts what they said way out of proportion. That's politics, but it's tiresome and disengenous.

What Mel Gibson said was indeed reprehensible. He has acknowledged that openly and forthrightly, and from what I can see is taking steps to correct this in his own soul. Good for him. Now, those of us who are Christians should practice what our faith teaches and forgive. I pray that Mel will come to a true saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and not trust a works-based system for his salvation. He will then know true freedom, forgiveness, and a changed life.

To the Jewish community, I stand with you against anti-Semitism in all its forms. However, don't let this incident drive you into the same type of vicious hatred anti-Semitism displays. Hatred of Christians is just as bad as hatred of Jews. The Holocaust was indeed horrific. Yet just as many Christians have been martyred for their faith over the years. Sometimes the idea is out there that Christians can't understand what it means to be persecuted. History demonstrates just the opposite.

Let's help Mel Gibson through this by prayer, honest dialogue, and by example. Destroying his life, family and career will accomplish nothing and will do nothing to effect positive change.


Cindy said...

Excellent, Joel! You summed up my feelings exactly.

Randy said...


You hit it square on the head bro.
Something that irks me about the left is that they think "The Passion" is anti-semetic! If you lined up ten leftists you may get one brain. As you well know, Jesus came unto his own, and his own received him not! He even stood by Jeruselem and said that he wanted to gather them to himself, but they refused. By stating what history showed in the film isn't saying that a person is anti-semetic, it is just showing what happened. After all, the Jewish people said let his(Jesus) blood be on our children and our children's children. Ok, they got it. History is just that, history.

I strongly support the Jewish people and the Word, as you know too, says we should always support them! But, unfortunately, God knew that when Christ came the first time, they would refuse him. far as Mel are so right. I think he is leaning towards the real truth, but not quite there. Like you Joel, I hope he comes to a real saving faith in the Lord Christ and not the doctrines of men or the papal church. I admire him though for his courage to come forward and admit his wrong. Let's pray that he comes to the real "saving" faith that was offered by God through his Son Christ upon the cross, burial and ressurection!

Be well.

Abby said...

I think Mel Gibson is expected to be holier than Mother Theresa just because he made the film "The Passion". The media wouldn't expect this of any other director, so I'm just disgusted by the media hypocrisy of it all. I resent the witch hunt about Mel Gibson because he hasn't played the right politically correct game of distancing himself from his father's remarks. It's a witch hunt that the media are making, and trying to imply Gibson is guilty by association, which annoys me because I have an embarrassingly bigoted and anti-Semitic Dad too and it doesn't make me the same! :)