Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's Media Stupidity/Hezbollah

Having been a journalist myself, I have been witness to some pretty breathtaking gaffes, both from politicians AND media stars. This week, a conversation between two network figures reveals how clueless some of those behind the microphone or camera can be.

The discussion was getting reporters into better positions to cover the ongoing battle between Israel and Hezbollah terrorists. "Why can't we get embedded reporters with Hezbollah like we do with our troops in Iraq?"

I was aghast after hearing this one. Earth to media. Hezbollah, like Al Qaeda, is a terrorist organization. They are hardly going to allow you to imbed with them as they plan to blow up the next school or restaurant. And if they did in fact allow a reporter to imbed with them (hmm..interesting word picture), the imbedded reporter would be morally if not legally responsible to report planned terrorist activities. If they failed to act to save innocent human life just so they could air "film at eleven," that would be something that ought to land them in prison, if not the electric chair.

I am glad I am no longer in secular journalism. My blood pressure couldn't handle it.

Coming in a couple of days, a comment on the Mel Gibson situation.

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