Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ABC More Afraid of Christians than Radical Islam?

I received the following email from a friend who supports the ministry of former Reagan Administration official Gary Bauer. In this communique, Mr. Bauer (whom I have had the privilege of interviewing) expresses more than a little scorn at ABC News for seemingly agreeing with Rosie O'Donnell that evangelical Christians are the true threats to world peace. I share Gary's scorn, as no doubt most Christians will after reading Gary's note below in italics.

Onward Christian Soldiers

Does Rosie O’Donnell have a second job at ABC? While running her mouth as a
daytime co-host of The View, it appears as though she is producing news
reports for ABC’s evening news broadcasts. While the world is recoiling in
shock at the reaction of radical Islam to the pope’s comments, ABC News is
fretting over one Christian youth camp in North Dakota. That’s right, those
“scary Christians” who according to Rosie are “just as threatening as
radical Islam in a country like America,” warranted an entire segment on
ABC’s Sunday evening news broadcast.

ABC's indictment: “Children are being raised to be soldiers in God’s army,
or as the camp’s director put it “…radically laying down their lives for
the gospel.” The story was in part prompted by a new book from radical
feminist Lauren Sandler, who is terrified because, “This is an enormous
youth movement.” As evidence of the “growing menace,” ABC noted,
“enrollment at Christian colleges is up 70 percent. Sales of Christian
music are up 300 percent. Tens of thousands of youth pastors have been

Is ABC really so dense that it cannot grasp the difference between Christian
sacrifice and Islamic jihad? The Christian faith teaches us, “God so loved
the world that he gave his only son.” In the Middle East, Muslim mothers
celebrate when their sons kill themselves along with Jewish women and

Not surprisingly, such theological concerns were not the main thrust of
ABC’s story. The real agenda came out with this line: “Sandler says the
evangelical youth movement will have a negative impact on the country’s
future, because even the most moderate young evangelicals are inflexible on
issues such as abortion and gay marriage.”

So, these Christian kids are “dangerous” because they believe children
deserve a mother and a father and that babies have a right to be born.
Even worse, they’ll be voting in a few years and not for candidates endorsed
by Rosie O’Donnell!

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Okay, to conclude..here's Solameanie's take.

ABC and other media hotshots (or radical leftie celebrities) can bravely take shots at Christians with impunity. Why? First, they disdain all we stand for. They demonstrate that constantly. But I suspect that there is another reason involved here, and it's akin to cowardice. They know that Christians won't bomb their airplanes, slit their throats, riot in the streets or send Katusha rockets into Malibu or Bel Air. We're not in the habit of sending vengeful muhajadeen to celebrities' plush doorsteps.

My advice to them is to get some wisdom AND some guts. Trust me. If the Islamic radicals accomplish their goals, the media stars and celebrities will be among the first to be beheaded or shot.


Rob said...


Those who claim Christ can be as dangerous as terriorists. KKK in the South is a great example. Lots of evil has been done in Jesus' name. Those who live in glass houses....


SolaMeanie said...


Don't disappoint me by siding with Rosie O'Donnell. You know as well as I do that the KKK, the Aryan Nations, and similar radical fringe groups are not true Christians and they've been forcefully rejected by the church at large. You can't say that with radical Muslims. While there are nominal Muslims out there, I would say from all appearances that the radicals have very broad support.

This is exactly what I mean by true Christianity and what I define as a true Christian - one who is regenerate and who has SAVING FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ..and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who seals believers. Someone mouthing that they are Christian does not a true Christian make.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Good response Joel. How can anyone (other than one indoctrinated in university correctness) refer to the KKK as Christian? They loathe Jewish people and Jesus was Jewish! They burn crosses! For a public witness they hide behind a sheet. The list could go on. As for the Hitler loving Aryan Nation, though he selectively quoted Scripture to justify his police State, wasn't he far closer to a worshipper of Satan and the occult, than of Jesus? Kind of like the polar opposite. Even Satan quotes Scripture.

Better attempts at justifying the unjustifiable Rosie came from those who took political power wedded and frustrated 'christian culture' (always a tricky category) a dozen decades ago to justify witch trials or further back one of the particularly more glaring crusades. If we go back in time that far I'm sure we all have a relative or two in our DNA pool whose behavior would embarrass us. Your response about widespread economic and political support from Islam dominated nations and organizations is frankly irrefutable. Helpful as usual. Thanks.

Rob said...


But my argument is that Jihadists to Islam are like the KKK to Christianity. How many people have died in Jesus' name? How many people have died during colonialism?

My point is that I think you folks are painting a picture of Islam that is just not true. It is dangerous in it's extreme form. Islamofascists are dangerous people and need to be dealt with.

The religion of Islam is not dangerous. No more so then Christianity.


SolaMeanie said...


That simply isn't historically accurate. Study Muhammed and the so-called "Peace of the Quraysh." Look at what happened in each of the caliphates after Muhammed died. Islam overran most of Europe before Charles Martel stopped them at Tours. To say that Islam is not a religion of the sword is ignoring its entire history.

I am sure there are liberal or nominal Muslims just like there are liberal or nominal Christians. But pure Islam is exactly what I am describing. "Here is a Jew..come and kill him." Hardly peaceful.

Rob said...


It is dangerous to generalize like that. To suggest the everday Muslim wants to kill Jews suggests to me that you know nothing of these people. Talk to westernized Muslims and they are as appalled with Jihadists as we are.


SolaMeanie said...


Given my acknowledgement that there are liberal/nominals out there in Islam, I wonder that you could make that statement.

What I said is hardly a generalization and I think I know more about "these people" and Islam than you do - and I say that kindly. I've studied comparitive religions for nearly 30 years and have been involved in this particular issue for at least 18 years. My colleague in ministry has led several tours in the Middle East including Arab countries.

The clue is in your own words.."westernized Muslims." That is only a microcosm of the entire Islamic world. And as has been shown in London, Madrid, and other Western capitals, the "westernized" Muslims aren't necessarily as Westernized as people think. The ones who are appalled don't speak out much, with few exceptions. Some of it could be due to fear, obviously.

Ignorance of history is more dangerous than anything.