Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton's Purple Rages

By now, most of you have heard of former president Bill Clinton's purple rage aimed at Fox News' Chris Wallace during Fox News Sunday. While some commentators said they were surprised at the outburst, it wasn't really a surprise to those of us who have watched the antics of Billy Bob for decades. Among his staff, the "purple rage" was an old friend. (Tongue-in-cheek, of course)

I recall reading an account by Dick Morris telling the story of good ol' boy Bill physically tackling him one day in a parking lot when they had some dispute or other. The former prez has been seen over the years chewing out his staff, sometimes in public. He often uses his considerable physical girth to intimidate the individual or individuals he is screaming at. Childish, and as media figure Rusty Humphries pointed out this week, classic narcissistic behavior. No matter what happens to Clinton, it's always someone else's fault.

Aside from it being a bit laughable for Clinton to chide the Bush Administration for not doing in Osama during their first eight months in power (wasn't Clinton in office for eight years?)'s also laughable for Bill Clinton to accuse Chris Wallace of being part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Get real.

One of these days, Mr. Clinton's rage is going to get the best of him and he will make the mistake of punching his finger (or fist) in the wrong person's face. Then the legalities will be very interesting. While it is illegal (rightly so) to threaten or assault the president (or former president), what if said president or ex-prez assaults someone else, and that someone else defends himself by delivering a hard haymaker?

That will be interesting to watch as it proceeds through the courts. Then Clinton could sell the story to the tabloids.


Now the talking heads are speculating whether Mr. Clinton's rage was genuine or calculated to achieve a political end. Knowing what we do of the Clinton machine, that is certainly possible. As always, watch and observe closely. The truth generally comes out for all to see eventually.


Palm boy said...

It is hard to imagine what variety of politcial gain he was aiming for...
It looked to me like he was unhinged.

crownring said...

I saw a few moments of the interview in trailers, but I simply couldn't force myself to watch it. The Clintons provoke a feeling in me of looking over the edge into the Great Abyss and my throat and stomach simply can't handle that feeling for long.

Rob said...

I love the Clintons as political figures. I hope Hillary will run in 2008. Bill Clinton is far to savy a politician to let Chris Wallace get the better of him.

There's no doubt the bias of Fox News as an apologist for this administrations insanity. That being said, President Clinton is opening a debate as to who's really better at National Security, Democrats or Republicans? We'll have to see how it goes.