Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dick Armey Goes Spazz - Attacks Dobson

As you'll see from the story link below, once reliable conservative voice Dick Armey has gone off the reservation and then some, lauching a pretty cheap attack at Dr. James Dobson. The former Texas Congressman had a pretty strong public Christian testimony at one time. With this diatribe, he sounds more like James Carville.

Pretty sad, in my view. If this is a harbinger of things to come, it isn't good.

Newsmax Story


Rob said...

I agree with Dick. These Evangelicals have reduced themselves to cheap thugs looking for power. I thank God they have zero credibility in Canada.


Palm boy said...

*checks calendar*

Not April 1st...

What the heck, Armey???

SolaMeanie said...


Come on. If that isn't a judgment of people's hearts and motives, I don't know what is!

To call Dr. James Dobson a "cheap thug" is unconscionable. I wouldn't have expected that of you, no matter how much you might disagree politically or theologically with him.

As an aside, he and other conservative evangelicals are doing no more than what is normally done in politics..i.e. mobilize people, get out the vote, take positions, and fight to remove politicians from office if they vote in the wrong way..wrong as defined in whatever position a group happens to advocate. That is a citizen's right and be actively engaged in society including political life. Being a believer doesn't mean you cashier your right to vote and speak out on issues of concern to you.

Aaron Thompson said...

But, being a believer does mean practicing Christ-like ethics in the practice of politics, something totally removed from Dobson's work. His Citizen magazine reads like a informal logical fallicies how-to which is completely unfair to its opposition and calloused towards the people and groups it attacks. Dobson's ego tripping, "Be careful or..." is thug-like. Threatening politicians with political penalties for voting their conscience might be every-day politics, but it is not Christlike. Dick Armey is completely right.

SolaMeanie said...

I agree with you about Christian ethics in politics, but to remind politicians that you will not support their re-election if they vote wrong is NOT un-Christian. That is our right as citizens of the country. The politician in question indeed has the right to vote his conscience if that is indeed what he is doing. If his conscience is pro-abortion or pro-homosexuality, then our conscience as Christian voters demands that they be removed from office by our vote.

I don't know what you mean by Dobson's "ego-tripping." If he is indeed doing that, it is wrong, needless to say. But to equate Christian political activism to thug-like behavior is beyond the pale. Look up the definition of thug. A thug is a criminal.

To be honest, I do not get Citizen magazine, so I cannot play the part of logician here and judge his syllogisms. I have a hunch that those on the left will find "logical fallacies" in anything a conservative in politics OR theology says. Conservatives can be guilty of the same myopic tendancies.

The long and short of it is, we indeed need to be biblical in our responses. The Apostle Paul used his rights as a Roman citizen to the full. So should we.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I did not hear about this article. Thanks for the heads-up.