Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Purpose Driven Church Splits

For some time, I have written and spoken about my concerns over the larger Purpose Driven movement spearheaded by Rick Warren. The reasons have been well catalogued by other apologists, including the way that this movement has split churches across the country. The following article is in the Wall Street Journal. I think it is very interesting that an internationally known, mainstream newspaper has picked up on this story. Read it and ponder.

Wall Street Journal


crownring said...

Very interesting, Sola. I've a feeling that we're going to hear of more and more splits as time goes by. Sad, but maybe necessary. I'm beginning to wonder if Rick Warren isn't a secret admirer of GE's Jack Welch. If so, the Church is in for a heap of trouble.

Randy said...

Rick Warren spells "trouble."
Also, different subject perhaps, but I talked with my dear friend Roland Boyce too, about the "seeker friendly churches." I don't care how much you dress up a church to look good for a sinner, sin is still sin. That individual will still have to repent of their sins, confess Christ as Lord and trust what the Lord did on the cross. I've always felt that the gospel may make a person initially feel worse initially before they feel better.
And...don't get me started on Joel Osteen. That's another hornet's nest. But, in this era of the church age we are in, these things will abound. I guess that's why I'm more convinced than ever to stick to the gospel that was delivered unto the saints.

Rob said...

I'm not a huge fan of the Purpose Driven Stuff. To be quite honest I've tried it and PD tends to make rather shallow, superficial Christians. What you believe is important. The sort of God you believe in matters. It seems to be lost in the PD movement.

I think Warren is a bright guy, but as a Theologian he takes being unengaged to a new level.