Friday, October 13, 2006

"Harry Potter" Star Decides to Doff His Clothes

By now, most Christians are aware of the controversy over the "Harry Potter" books and films. Most of the concerns are over the occult and some of the questionable values expressed in the books. Well, here's a worse one for you and it's not in a book. It's live on stage.

Daniel Radcliffe, the young (age 17) star of the "Harry Potter" films, has apparently decided that being a serious actor requires you to strip off your clothes on stage and simulate a sex act while astride a horse. The London Daily Mail has the details in the link below:

Daily Mail

Sad, isn't it? I wonder how long it will be before the play is put on DVD and sold in Wal Mart for young Harry Potter fans to get a glimpse of their hero in the buff? Yeah, I know. Sarcastic and cynical of me. I think you get my point. I am sure the "elite" in the glitterati class will applaud this for its "edginess." That's code for vulgar, prurient, salacious, your adjective that can be summed up in one thought - "to offend sensibilities as much as possible under the guise of "art."

There are much worthier plays out there to do, and many fine books that could be made into fine films that do not require nudity and simulated sex acts by underage boys (or girls for that matter).

One thing is for certain. I am sure it will only get worse.

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