Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Cherrypicking of the Left

Time for Solameanie's overtly political post of the day.

As the country (the U.S.) prepares to cast votes on Tuesday, let me say at the outset that I am not satisfied with GOP leadership over the past several years. My displeasure has little to do with the War on Terror or Iraq, but rather in that the so-called conservative party does not govern in a conservative fashion. They pay lip service to the idea. They also take conservative evangelicals for granted and sneer at us behind closed doors. And they think we're not aware of it. All of this makes me mad, but it doesn't make me mad enough to turn power over to the Democrats. The reasons are that the Democrats are governed by the kook fringe of their party, and the positions they take on social issues fly against everything I believe as a Bible-believing Christian.

The left loves to cherrypick "rights." They cynically play the word "freedom" like a crap shoot. Cases in point..they fume and fuss about the Administration's efforts to catch terrorists by wiretapping selected overseas calls, and wave the spectre of lost freedom in the air. They would have you believe that the Bush Administration is one step away from Adolf Hitler. However, if you press the issue of free speech i.e. being able to speak forthrightly about moral issues (especially on college campuses, schools and increasingly the workplace), you will be quickly censored or shouted down if they have their way. They want to strip you of your right to defend your home and family through keeping and bearing arms. They believe that if someone breaks into your house to rape your wife and children, the friendly officers at 911 can take care of it. Don't you dare use or possess a firearm. If you shoot a crook, they'll prosecute you and allow the crook (should he survive) to sue you for damages.

Those are only a few examples of leftist mendaciousness. Their view of freedom is much different than mine. I have a hunch it's different than the majority of Americans, that is if the majority of Americans could see them with their masks stripped away.

I realize that there are conservative Democrats who do not support how far left their party has become. I am not talking about them. I am talking about the types that Lenin and Stalin considered "fellow travelers" or "useful idiots." They find plenty to criticize at Guantanamo, but find plenty of excuses for Stalin's gulags.

I hope America goes to the polls with eyes wide open on Election Day. Things degenerate by increments so it's hard to notice the decay. But decay it does. And will. That's a certainty.

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