Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dr. Dobson Responds to Dick Armey

I would normally try to avoid a conflict such as this, but the mainstream papers made much out of former Republican House leader Dick Armey's attack on Dr. James Dobson and Christian conservatives. To their credit, the Associated Press/Fox News allowed Dr. Dobson to write a response. I post a link here for your perusal. It is truly sad when people who are supposed to be brothers in Christ and ought to be allies end up fighting each other in this manner. As things stand, I have to back Dr. Dobson in this one. I hope and pray they can be reconciled before their argument does more damage to the conservative cause, and more importantly, to the cause of Christ.


Fox News


crownring said...

If what Dr. Dodson said is true and I've no reason to dispute it, then there's something very ugly going on with Dick Armey. While I'm somewhat skeptical about most of those in the Religious Right being either religious or right, that's not to say Armey's telling the truth either. With election day being less than a week off, I think we should be praying and listening very intently for The Holy Spirit's direction.

SolaMeanie said...

I agree for the most part, but I wouldn't be so quick to say MOST of those in the "religious right" are not religious or right. They tend to get identified with the most prominent spokespeople chosen by a hostile media, but most I have known are very dedicated to the Lord and to right principles.

There is a serious effort to silence people of faith in politics, and that should concern us all. As an aside, if anyone is trying to be cynical with the issue, it's the left, where they've seemingly discovered God all of a sudden. Sorry. No matter how they cut it, God does not back homosexual marriage.