Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is Europe Finished?

My apologies for the paucity of posts. I have been locked in staff meetings all week. I have a bit of time today to post a link to a recent book review by Daniel Pipes. He is taking a look at a provocative new book by columnist Mark Steyn, who makes the case that Europe is finished, soon to be taken over by radical Islam and other non-Western mindsets. He views America as the last "Western" country, and warns us to take heed before what is happening to Europe happens to us.

I would argue that it's already happening here. But read Mr. Pipes' review, and mull it over. I'll hopefully have more to say on this issue later. The link is below.

Daniel Pipes Column


crownring said...


What do I think? It's always darkest before the dawn. Perhaps men like Charles Martel or even William Wallace will rise up to defend freedom in Europe again. I have no doubt God will send such men. But will honest men and women follow them?? Surely He will send men like John Wesley to lead Europeans back to Christ. But will they be heeded?

Islam is not invincible because it is a religion founded by (a) man, not God. Hearts can/will be changed if we follow God's will and pray for not only deliverance, but for those who would be our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our enemies are not those of flesh and blood, but the spiritual principalities and powers with which we have always been at war. For whatever reason, while God could destroy the enemy with a mere flick of His Finger, He wants us to share the battle and the victory with Him. So may it be!

SolaMeanie said...

I can't help but think of Rob Gordon over on IMDb. He gets royally torqued when you point out how overrun London is by radical Islam. He thinks Christians are more of a threat.


I often wonder how this all fits into the prophetic timeclock. We'll soon see.

crownring said...

Sola, quite frankly I think Rob Gordon is a head case. Some of his replies are so bizarre, you'd almost think he'd been abducted by aliens and had a bizzaro chip implanted in his brain. I sometimes think Rob just posts stuff in order to tick someone off, (like you) not that he actually holds those views.

BTW, if the Church of England keeps going in the direction it is, it will soon be preceived as absolutely no threat to Rob and very problematic for us. :(