Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Christ at Christmas - The Last Straw?

Below is a link to an AP story that will raise your blood pressure right before the Christmas holidays. In light of this event, I am strongly thinking about writing the word as "CHRISTmas" to make a point from now on.

It seems that a Christmas event in Chicago known as "Christkindlmarket" has given the new film, "The Nativity Story," the heave-ho under pressure from city officials. The reason? Non-Christians might be offended by the New Line Cinema picture.

This has rightfully outraged many in Chicago, but I think it's time that the outrage spreads a little. How long are we going to tolerate this nonsense? Islam and other religions might offend me, but I have no problem with them celebrating holidays important in their faith, including public displays. Should I change that view in light of this?

I find it interesting that another public authority approved a Jewish Menorah and a Muslim crescent in a display, but refused a Nativity scene as it might "offend" non Christians. Why is Christianity being singled out? Perhaps its because we've become too much like sheep in ALLOWING it to be singled out. This is a majority Christian nation, but we are being ruled with a rod of iron by a non-Christian minority. This is patently ridiculous.

Christians are not known for rioting and pillaging whenever their sensibilities have been offended, so perhaps the city of Chicago feels safe in sticking one in their eye. I don't want Christians to lower themselves to violence, and indeed, a true Christian led by the Holy Spirit would not engage in it. However, we do have economic and political power if we'll choose to exercise it. I recommend that people make it clear to the city of Chicago that they will pay economically for this, in addition to paying at the ballot box next election. Conventions should be cancelled, performances should be moved outside the city, basically anything that helps generate revenue for Chicago ought to be curtailed until there is a reversal of this idiotic decision and an apology. It's time we showed that there is a price to pay for offending Christians. A big one.

I am tired of this stuff. And I hope you are too.



crownring said...

The PCers have completely run amonk. Let's hope they run run into a brick wall and wake up a little wiser.

Christmas: a time for twisting the legacy of a saint from generosity to greed and forget The Savior entirely. [eyes]

crownring said...

Oh Come Let Us Ignore Him


Thought this article expressed an interesting take on the topic.