Monday, November 20, 2006

Scarlett Johansson: Shooting Herself in the Foot

Scarlett Johannson is in the same camp as many in Hollywood. She doesn't have much use for President Bush or conservatives. Below is a link to a story in Contact Music, in which Ms. Johansson mocks Mr. Bush for his "unrealistic" stand on abstinence and wildly distorts his views (and that of conservative Christians). Then, in an almost breathtaking statement, she proudly hails her own "social awareness" in announcing that she gets tested for HIV twice a year.

Earth to Ms. Johansson. Did you ever stop to think that if you followed biblical guidelines on sex, you wouldn't NEED to get tested for HIV twice a year? Are you really that clueless? Apparently so.

I love it when God allows things like this to happen. Intending to score a big one for the left and the libertine lifestyle Hollywood favors, her verbal firecracker blows up in her own fingers instead. I hope more people than me notice the irony.

Contact Music


Randy said...

You know as well as I do, most of Hollywood is clueless. You're on target about abstinence would be a better substitute than Scarlett (letter) testing twice a year.
The Hollywood crowd is so out of touch with reality. It's easy for them to live in
their secluded lifestyle, cry over their perceived problems, their messed up childhoods, etc. If they had to live in the "real" world, maybe they might get a clue. I sure wish all I had to worry about was if I made my therapist's appointment while I had millions at my disposal. Cry, cry, cry. Was I too cynical? Come to think of it, no, I'm not. Earth to Hollywood, get a clue, the world doesn't revolve around you!
Be well Joel.

SolaMeanie said...

Amen. Limousine liberalism strikes again.