Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Seventh Sola Poll/Query

Given some of the events in the U.S. of late, from O.J. Simpson's sicko ruminations on killing his ex-wife and her friend, to other ongoing degeneration of our culture, I would like to pose this question.

I'm sure many of you remember what the allusion to "bread and circuses" means. The decay of the Roman Empire and her constituents had led to a culture that was debased and easily mollified by increasingly grotesque entertainment. The debauchery permeated their society. Eventually Rome fell. In fact, many civilizations and cultures have followed that pattern.

Of course, I have a Christian eschatology, so I expect the final denouement of the world system to end in a certain way, but let's leave that aside for the moment. Here's my question. In your opinion, has America reached the "bread and circuses" stage yet? Are we doomed as a society? Your comments and insights are welcome, but please - no trolling, and please be civil.


crownring said...

I don't think we're quite there yet, but we may be getting close. Still I think The Church's finest hour is ahead of us. God is gonna strip away all this religious baloney that keeps Christians seperated from each other and from Him and we are going to see Him move in ways that will boggle the minds of the world. I have seen what happens when two people pray together that His will be done in the lives of their tempest-tossed love ones. Just think what we might accomplish if just ten of us decided to pray in agreement for Iraq where the devil seems to be having quite a heyday. England was saved from the Nazis not because we Americans entered the war, but because her women prayed for the survival of the country and their soldiers and sailors. In one church in England, the mothers prayed TOGETHER constantly and not a single one of their sons was lost to the war. I believe we could turn around the war in Iraq if even a handful of us were willing to do the same.

lee n. field said...

A Christian view of history is linear, not cyclical. We don't repeat the same things because we're on a mystical Wheel of History. Similar things happen because fallen human beings tend to do things in similar ways.

Are we there yet? Can't say for sure.

Randy said...

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Whether history is linear or cyclical, I believe that we are headed for the end. People are camping outside of stores for days waiting for the release of this stupid Playstation 3 console to ease their empty souls and don't take a look at how debased our country has become. Whether the US is destroyed from within or from the outside, remains to be determined. Regardless of who is controlling the country, dems or repo's, or whatever President is in office, I feel prophecy would still be fulfilled. We opened a hornet's nest with the Iraq debacle. Plus, I think regardless of who is in office, the end must be fulfilled the way God wrote it.

Lori said...

I think we're doomed, but we're not doomed because of our immoral ways. As an atheist I find all religions to be stupid beyond belief. But there is a big difference between stupid and evil.

Islam is evil. And it will win in the end because too many people are too afraid to "offend" anybody no matter how stupid, or evil, their beliefs are as long as they are couched as a religion. (Unless it's a Christian, of course, and then it's OK to offend them all they want to).

You Christians don't help, either. Some of you are real nutjobs. And the same people who claim, when it comes to Islam and Muslims "you can't judge a billion people by the actions of a few" have no problem exploiting your latest nut as proof that Christianity is just as bad as Islam.

No, we're doomed because people would rather believe that "Christianity is the bloodiest religion in history" than read a newspaper today.

Campisi said...

Of course we're not doomed. The only entity that can ensure complete doom for humanity is God, and I don't think it's pissed off at us enough to pull a Noah just yet. America isn't doomed because people are immoral; it's just in the gutter. Being in the gutter just means that it'll take that much more work cleaning it up to restore it to pristine beauty.

As for nutjobs, every religion has them, including Atheism. One can be a devout follower of Christ, or Buddha, or almost any religious leader and still be a soft-spoken, humbled member of society. Personally, I always equate an overabundance of vitriol and volume with a shortage of substance.

Just one more thing to add: can we PLEASE stop acting like Iraq is going to end America? It was well-meant but poorly planned, and now those in charge refuse to properly identify where the enemy is getting its motivation (the Quran).

SolaMeanie said...

Thanks, Campisi, for contributing a comment. However, in future I'd appreciate it if you'd not use terms like "p-ssed" here. You are intelligent enough to communicate your intent without vulgarities. My normal policy is to delete comments that include them, but I'll let this one pass as your overall post makes a good contribution to the discussion.

I agree with you about every religion having nutjubs. I know a few. However, I am concerned about the U.S. as a surviving entity as we know it. If you look at the things that debauched previous societies i.e. loose morals, over-obsession with sex, out of control debt, and lack of religious faith..America has several of these areas in full bloom. Also, it is increasingly evident that, while there is much talk of God and religion in America, it only goes lip deep with a lot of the population.

In terms of Iraq, one key problem is that our military's hands are being tied behind its back just as in Vietnam. If we would fight it as one fights a true war, we might make a difference. But we're so concerned with the politics of it all that we'll let ourselves be bloodied and drained. Case in point. I don't care if the thugs shooting mortars and rockets are holed up in a mosque. Bomb the mosque immediately.

You are dead right about the enemy's motivation being the Quran (and Hadith). I am tired of this "religion of peace" thing with Islam. That is NOT its history.