Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Stunning Statement -Animal Euthanasia

While researching a subject recently, I came upon the following statement in Wikipedia's article on animal euthanasia. The entire article is linked below, but for now, read this excerpt:

Euthanasia is typically performed in a veterinary clinic or hospital, or in an animal shelter, and is usually carried out by a veterinarian, or a veterinary technician working under the vet's supervision. Note that euthanasia is performed at the discretion of the attending veterinarian, who may refuse an animal owner's request to euthanize if he or she feels it is not medically or ethically necessary (so-called "convenience" euthanasia).

Note especially the words in bold. "Not medically or ethically necessary." Isn't it interesting that a veterinarian can refuse to act in a case like this when it's an animal being put down. I am glad that they have these scruples, even if it's an animal.

However, contrast this with the radical abortion-rights movement, where it is thought that you ought to be able to kill an unborn child for any reason even until right before birth. They fight any attempts to outlaw the partial birth abortion technique, something that is NEVER medically necessary. The abortionist waits until the baby has nearly passed through the birth canal. Then, a pair of scissors is plunged into the child's skull. The brain is vacuumed out. Next, the child's skull is crushed like one would crush a pecan in a nutcracker. But it's just a clump of tissue and not a child. Right.

Now certainly, there are doctors who refuse to perform abortions for moral reasons. Here in Illinois, our pro-abortion Democratic governor is pushing to make it illegal for pharmacists to refuse dispensation of RU-486 or other abortifascents on moral grounds. Suppose the state eventually makes it illegal for a doctor to refuse to perform an abortion. What then?

We've come to a sad day in America where animals are placed on a higher level than human life. Some will go to any lengths to defend so-called animal rights and push people to go vegan, but defend legal abortion tooth and nail. Go figure.

Maybe someday they'll decide to make a small effort to make up for the loss of the children by utilizing their remains in some beneficial way to society. Hmm. Perhaps they could take the skins of babies aborted late-term and make lampshades out of them. I'm sure the Nazis left behind some instruction manuals on how to do it. Think of what a conversation piece this could make in the art-deco apartments of the hoity-toities in Greenwich Village or Manhattan.

A sickening idea? You bet it is. But it wouldn't surprise me at all given the current seared-conscience state of our culture. Give them time.



Palm boy said...

Well, it's wikipedia. Trust at your own peril. :D

It is sad though, that we take more sympathy on a dog then a baby.

SolaMeanie said...

True enough! Wiki wiki wiki! ;)

Wait until the new series that National Geographic is airing gets wider attention. "In the Womb" is what it's called, and the footage is stunning.