Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Mini-Rant

I have little time today, but here's my venting for the day on two issues, one a bit on the frivilous side.

First, could we please have some hymns back in the worship service? I don't mind a chorus or two, but most of them are so banal. Hymns are rich with theology. If the style bugs you, go ahead and arrange one with a Beatles backbeat or Pink Floydish keyboard washes. But give me the hymns. I realize that in many churches, asking for a hymn is like going to Castle Dracula and singing "Here Comes the Sun." But to me, repeating a two-line chorus 30 times is like going to a Romper Room screening and calling it the College Bowl.

My second issue isn't spiritual, but recreational. Could we please have some bowling alleys in this country that will put real wood lanes in at refurbishment time rather than following the lemmings to synthetic lanes? Bowling on synthetics is like bowling on countertop. I hate them. Passionately. When the bowling ball hits them, it sounds like someone just cracked their tailbone.

There. I'm done now.


Phil Perkins said...

I'm glad you're done. Do you feel better? :)


SolaMeanie said...

Yes, much.

That is, until I saw the news story today about the Anglican bishops wanting to "come home to Rome."


Cindy said...

I saw that too, Joel, and dozens of sermons I heard from my ultra-dispensational, pre-millenial dad rang in my ears. Can you say "one-world church"? And is Martin Luther rolling in his grave yet?

crownring said...

I haven't been bowling in a long time, but I can imagine that sound is quite jarring.

As for the lack of hymns in church, have you heard what passes for Christian recordings these days? With a very few exceptions, it's going right down the tubes. I'd almost rather listen to Gregorian chants than the "Christian pablum" I've been hearing lately. I gave my last two Michael W. Smith CDs to a friend in part because they disappointed me.

BTW, Sola, have you checked your e-mail lately?

chuckbri said...

Amen on the first rant. And would it hurt anyone to sing more than 2 verses or something older than 20 years?

Yawn to the second -- couldn't care less. Give me steel plates at 20 yards.

SolaMeanie said...

Hi, Chuck..

Thanks for commenting. BTW..would you mind posting your reply on worship (sent to Kevin) here? I could answer it here, and everyone could see it in context.


Randy said...
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Randy said...
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Randy said...

If anyone reads my blog, I sound like a broken record. You hit a "chord" when you spoke about the hymns. I have been hammering that issue to death it seems. But, is anyone listening. You are so correct in the 'rich' theology the hymns bring. I spoke with a friend sometime back that we need more hymns and less of this repetitious benign praise chorus garbage that passes for legitimate worship. He said that I would be hard-pressed in finding churches that do the hymns. My reply was, "Then I'll keep looking till I do!"

The hymns are full of theology. I'm a tad sick of singing, "Jesus, Name Above All Names" until I fall into a trance. Don't get me wrong, Jesus is the name above all. But, you get my drift.I'm glad you brought it up. Frankly, I thought that I was one of the few left who even thought hymns were still apropoe. They will be for me. I love contemporary Christian music too, but I even see a demise in that arena as well.People laugh and scoff, but that's why I stick to the old Russ Taff and D&K. At least there's some meat there.

Be well.