Thursday, February 15, 2007

Now It's Britney's Turn

Well, after seeing wall-to-wall Anna Nicole 24-7, USA Today (I'll not use my typical epithet for them this time) has a story about the latest antics of another girl out of control - namely Britney Spears. The article is in the "Life" section, and whether the paper realizes it or not, they are again demonstrating both the tragedy and the outrage of these self-centered celebrities.

One ironic part of the article has some people trying to explain Ms. Spears' behavior as trying to drown out "bad" things such as the breakdown of her marriage. Hmm. Let me get this straight. One drowns out "bad" by engaging in bad behavior. Okay. The girl needs "therapy." No, the last thing she needs is psychobabble. A good, sound drubbing with a razor strap would benefit her much more.

It's sad when young girls and older women get the idea in their skulls that acting and dressing like inhabitants of a red light district are somehow attractive. They might attract someone's base, gutter instincts, but to most men with a shred of decency, this behavior engenders the opposite reaction. Personally, I try to stay as far away from cowpies or buffalo chips as possible.

Britney. Paris. Nicole. Name your tragicomic figure. Will they end up dead like Anna Nicole? I hope and pray not. I don't rejoice at the disgrace and self-destruction of these women. It makes me mad. Really mad. When I think of pre-teen girls idolizing and emulating these horrible role models with their parents' approval, I get livid.

The most sad of all is that many churches and Christians have lost their "saltiness." Evangelize these girls with a biblical Gospel? Warn them of an eternity in Hell? That wouldn't be loving.

Tell it to the Judge.


Phil Perkins said...

Awesome article. Great logic. Wonderful pummelling of easy religion. I will be quoting your last line (with attribution) for a long time.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.

crownring said...

I truly feel sorry for these young celebrities. Most of them are surrounded by leeches and hangers on who fawn over them and feed their egos, drowning out the voices of reason and forebearance. These same people will leave them friendless as soon as the bank accounts been drained and the Johnny-come-latelys are no longer beautiful and popular.

BTW, it should be remembered that when she was very young, people were telling Anna Nicole that she's be the next Marilyn Monroe. How sad it is to see that prediction has come true...dying alone and naked.