Monday, February 05, 2007

Sean Penn's Gaffe

I rise from my sickbed long enough to post this howler. On Fox News this evening, they played a quote from Sean Penn, who was speaking at a rally for an American soldier who is in hot water over refusing to deploy to Iraq. The notoriously leftist actor said that the lieutenant had taken an oath to "uphold international law."

Excuse me? American soldiers are sworn to uphold AMERICAN law i.e. the Constitition. Not international law. They answer to American presidents, not the Secretary General of the U.N. Sean Penn ought to know better. But like many limousine liberals, he's apparently clueless. And if he's not clueless and does indeed know better, then he's being disingenuous, which is worse.

Soldiers can't pick and choose their conflicts once they sign on the dotted line. He's in for a stretch at Leavenworth, and should thank God he didn't pull this in World War II. It's very possible he would have been shot.

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Randy said...

Penn doesn't get it Joel. Or if he does, he just likes to be willingly ignorant. You're right. The soldiers are supposed to uphold the Constitution of the US and not "international law."

Also, sorry that you are still ill. May the Lord grant you relief and grace during this time.