Friday, February 16, 2007

Tim Hardaway and Righteous Hatred

Here we go again! A well known public figure or celebrity goes over the top with his mouth expressing hatred for homosexuals, and the media (plus the usual activists) have a collective epileptic seizure of the left eye. The usual outrage and hectoring against "bigotry," "homophobia," and other perceived evils.

Here's what I've got to say about it. Hardaway is wrong if he harbors true hatred in his heart for anyone as an individual. He was wrong to say what he said in the manner it was said. However, it is NOT wrong to hate an evil or immoral behavior. And THAT is the crux of this issue. The gay activists and their media acolytes have largely succeeded in their drive to have their sexual pecadillos classified in the same manner as one would classify an ethnic minority, with all the attendant rights and privileges. To express disapproval of homosexuality is tantamount to Holocaust denial or siding with the Ku Klux Klan. Excuse me, but since when is immoral, sinful BEHAVIOR and THOUGHT PROCESSES a protected civil right?

More important than anything I say is what God says about the matter. God's inerrant Word calls homosexuality an abomination. Unrepentant homosexuals will NOT inherit the kingdom of God, but will spend eternity separated from God in Hell along with other unrepentant sinners (name your sin, including your own). Deuteronomy expresses it quite forcefully, as does Romans chapter 1 and a host of other Scriptures. That, to me, is the final word on the matter.

I'd love to see someone have the moxie to charge God with a hate crime. I will watch how that unfolds with tremendous interest. I have a pretty good hunch who will win that argument.

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You said it before I did.