Friday, February 16, 2007

Update on the Hardaway Kerfuffle

The following open letter to World Net Daily regarding the controversial comments of ex-NBA player Tim Hardaway was so good I am reposting it here. Writer Brian Henson expresses the situation very well. Go to WorldNetDaily to see the original. Here's the URL to the site:

I have spent the last day listening to the fallout of Tim Hardaway's comments regarding homosexual players and people in general. Though his statements were blunt and not nuanced, they substantially reflect the thinking of a sizeable percentage of the American population. The gay advocacy publicity mill has kicked into Overdrive-2 (it's always in "overdrive"), branding a retired basketball player as bigoted and intolerant.

What has happened is this: Homosexuality has become not a part of the individual, but the primary identifier of that individual. In other words, it is "I'm John Amaechi and I'm gay." This will be jammed down the throats of people as it is when most gay celebrities and semi-celebrities "come out." I don't go walking around saying, "I'm BH and I'm Methodist" or "I'm BH and I'm bald." In addition, I certainly don't go on describing, unsolicited, my sexual conquests, lack thereof, or even my opinions of sexual mores. That is best left in the bedroom.

I, by no means, hate gay people. I feel that they have the right to behave as they wish regarding their sexual behavior. I have TOLERANCE of it. That does not mean that I advocate it or worship it. In previous generations, tolerance meant putting up with and accepting behaviors that one didn't like. The liberal wordsmithing machine, however, has restated tolerance as to mean not only accepting, but "honoring behaviors, mores and religions different and opposed to ones own." To not honor these things opens one up to be labeled "intolerant," the worst social crime in post-Christian America.

There has been a strong movement to eliminate "proselytizing" in America. However, this usually applies to Christians and pro-family groups, who are increasingly labeled out of hand as anti-gay groups. Proselytization and evangelism are certainly welcome if you are evangelizing one of three major new religions in this country: Islam, Atheism/Humanism and, yes, Homosexuality.

Note I named it as a religion. It is a primary identifier and idea shaper, and is considered sacred by the movement's supporters, gay and straight alike. If one says anything that is not lionizing of it, they are castigated and blackballed (as Hardaway has been).

Homosexuals are always portrayed as kind, enlightened, sensitive and smart. I'm sure many are. However, any other portrayal would not be tolerated by the Nazis that are at the forefront of the movement. It has become so crazy that they have demanded and received preferences to the point that if anyone does anything criminal against a gay person, the penalties are greater than otherwise, even if the perpetrator has no prior knowledge of the person's homosexuality.

Tim Hardaway played on the Golden State Warriors for years. They are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the forefront of the gay advocacy movement. Could he have seen many peculiarities and aberrations that shaped his ideas?

Brian Henson

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