Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Wages of Sin and Anna Nicole

By now, I imagine many are tired of the non-stop media fixation on the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy. As with anyone who dies so young, I take no pleasure in what happened. I really have little to say about it except this.

In the midst of all the scrapping over the baby, the property and the money, I hope someone somewhere will comment on the lesson. If there was ever a classic example of the wages of sin and the domino effect sin has on countless lives, the tale of Anna Nicole Smith is it.

Only the Lord knows her eternal destiny. Quite honestly, I am not optimistic. A life lived for self indulgence typically doesn't call on God in humility at the end. There's seldom time. But those who remain behind have an opportunity to reflect. For their own sakes, I hope they do just that.

"It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment."

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crownring said...

"Everyone I've ever known has stabbed me in the back."

These words were spoken by Anna Nicole Smith not long before her lifeless body was found. It seems those words are proving true even more now than when Anna Nicole was alive. How strange, vampires usually quit feeding once their victim is dead.

What I feel is a profound pity for a life wasted and baby girl named Danni Lynn who is now a point of contention because of the multi-millions she might inherit.

May God have mercy on them both.