Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yet Another Outrage from "Hollywood"

If you can, get a copy of today's USA Today newspaper or access it on line. In the "Life" section, there's a story about Justin, a 12-year-old Latino boy played by Mark Indelicato, who stars on the show "Ugly Betty." From all appearances, it looks like they're grooming his character to be gay according to the story. Here's a key quote - emphasis mine:

"Justin's sexuality has never been addressed on the show, but 'Betty' creator Silvio Horta, who is gay and came out to his Cuban-American family at age 19, says the character will experience 'the journey' as he matures. "I see myself in him," Horta says. "Growing up, I certainly felt like an outsider at times. But there's this sweet innocence in Justin that sees the positive."

I once mockingly called USA Today "USA To-gay." In this same issue, the lead story of the main section is about homosexual teens "coming out." Sympathetically portrayed, of course. Parents who object are cast as trolls and ogres. Religious convictions are portrayed by implication as oppressive and intolerant.

How much more will American society tolerate when it comes to things like this? When will society finally recognize what's going on here and arrest this garbage in its tracks. How far will the "entertainment" crowd be allowed to "push the envelope." Slippery slope arguments are often ridiculed, but it's hard to credibly deny a slippery slope when it gets proven to be true over and over again. What is next? Many have predicted a slide toward open advancement of pedophilia - the last taboo. Don't say it can't happen. It certainly can, and it will unless our society at large finally has a gut-full and puts its foot down.

Ambassador Alan Keyes said it best. "You do not have the right to do what is wrong."


The following is a link to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. In this interview, the 12-year-old child himself rather confirms my fears at the end of the article. When asked about the "femminess" of his character, he says that he doesn't know if they'll make him gay eventually, but if so, he'll play it.

Now tell me. Would most parents with even a shred of traditional values want their 12-year-olds to be contemplating sodomy or acting the part of a character that engages int it? I think not. Anyway, here's the link for you to cut and paste into your browser. I don't have time to make it a clickable link. Read it for yourself:

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Phil Perkins said...

USA ToGay?! That's funny, but sad. Better watch out. They might come arrest you. Did you read the article in World on the hate crimes law? It'll soon be against the law to be a Christian.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.