Friday, March 09, 2007

There Just Had To Be A GRRRRR!

I wanted to badly to get in a second post today between all the activities, so I quickly keyed in Phil Johnson's seminar on the effect of postmodernism on the church and society. Well, wouldn't you know, but while typing, my finger hit one of those stupid, useless keys I NEVER use and it sent my web browser (Safari) into one of those endless "sit and spin" modes. I couldn't make it quit, go back, escape..anything. I couldn't even "force quit." I had to force shut down..and lost the whole shaboo.

I am glad I was where I am, or I otherwise would have been tempted to say something I ought not to say. Okay, I was still tempted to say it. But I didn't. GRRRRR. I hate computers.

I will try again either late tonight or tomorrow. Lord, Safari and Mac willing.

1 comment:

lee n. field said...

open up a terminal

type "man kill" and press enter (assuming your version of OSX actually has man pages -- I don't think the early ones did.).