Friday, September 28, 2007

Dark Times?

I had a black and white photo posted here yesterday to lend a "noirish" quality to this post, but today I discovered the photo gone with a big blue ? in it's place. Some Blogger bug, I guess. I tried re-posting the photo, but all it did was "sit and spin." So I just reposted the text sans photo. Then later, I tried again and the photo is now back. Go figure.

The link below will take you to a Fox News story about the Democratic candidates' recent response to a public school flap out East. This particular school allowed a homosexual "fairy tale" (my, THAT's a fitting label!) to be read to second grade schoolchildren.

Aside from the usual doubletalk of how the Dems oppose gay marriage (not that they see anything wrong with it), I want you to read the comments of John Edwards. This is a window into the soulless. He is so afraid of actually guiding his children's moral upbringing to the point that they might make a traditional, biblical value judgment. The situation with his non-guidance of his younger children is sad enough, but note also what he says about his grown daughter's inability to understand his position. If this is what lies ahead for this country in terms of leadership, we're in deeper trouble than I thought, and coming much sooner than I thought. The remaining candidates aren't much better, but Edwards was especially vehement in his defense of these sodomy-light tales for tots. So I'm whacking him with more asperity.

Fox News

Before I close today, thanks for your patience in terms of my relatively sparse posts of late. It's been unbelievably busy. I hope to do something of more substance down the road.

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